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November 13th   Papers 13/11/2023
October 9th PDF Icon Papers 9/10/2023
September 11th PDF Icon Papers 11/9/2023
June 12th   Papers 12/6/2023
May 8th PDF Icon Papers 8/5/2023
April 18th PDF Icon Papers 18/4/2023
March 13th PDF Icon Papers 13/3/2023
February 13th PDF Icon Papers 13/2/2023
January 16th PDF Icon Papers 16/1/2023
December 12th PDF Icon Papers 12/12/2022
November 14th PDF Icon Papers 14/11/2022
October 10th PDF Icon Papers 10/10/2022
June 13th including AGM PDF Icon Papers 13/6/2022
May 10th PDF Icon Papers 10/5/2022
April 12th PDF Icon Papers 12/4/2022
March 8th PDF Icon Papers 8/3/2022
February 8th PDF Icon Papers 8/2/2022
December 14th PDF Icon Papers 14/12/2021
November 12th PDF Icon Papers 9/11/2021
October 12th PDF Icon Papers 12/10/2021
September 14th PDF Icon Papers 14/9/2021
June 8th (AGM) PDF Icon Papers 8/6/2021
May 11th PDF Icon Papers 11/5/2021
April 13th PDF Icon Papers 13/4/2021
March 9th PDF Icon Papers 9/3/2021
February 9th PDF Icon Papers 9/2/2021
December 8th PDF Icon Papers 8/12/2020
November 10th PDF Icon Papers 10/11/2020
October 13th (AGM) PDF Icon Papers 13/10/2020
September 8th PDF Icon Papers 8/9/2020
May 19th PDF Icon No papers for this meeting.
April 14th PDF Icon No papers for this meeting.
March 10th PDF Icon Papers 10/3/2020
February 11th PDF Icon Papers 11/2/2020
January 14th PDF Icon Papers 14/1/2020
December 10th   Papers 10/12/2019
November 12th   Papers 12/11/2019
October 28th   Papers 28/10/2019
June 10th   Papers 10/6/2019
May 13th   Papers 13/5/2019
April 8th   Papers 8/4/2019
March 11th   Papers 11/3/2019
February 11th   Papers 11/2/2019
January 14th   Papers 14/1/2019
November 12th   Papers 12/11/2018
October 8th   Papers 8/10/2018
September 10th   Papers 10/9/2018
June 11th (AGM)   Papers 11/6/2018
May 14th   Papers 14/5/2018
April 9th   Papers 9/4/2018
March 12th   Papers 12/3/2018
February 12th   Papers 12/2/2018
January 8th   Papers 8/1/2018
November 13th   Papers 13/11/2017
October 9th   Papers 9/10/2017
September 11th   Papers 11/9/2017
June 12th   Papers 12/6/2017
May 8th (AGM)   Papers 8/5/2017
April 10th   Papers 10/4/2017
March 13th   Papers 13/3/2017
February 13th   Papers 13/2/2017
January 9th   Papers 9/1/2017
November 14th   Papers 14/11/2016
October 10th   Papers 10/10/2016
September 12th   Papers 12/9/2016
June 13th   Papers 13/6/2016
May 9th   Papers 9/5/2016
April 11th   Papers 11/4/2016
March 14th   Papers 14/3/2016
February 8th   Papers 8/2/2016
January 11th   Papers 11/1/2016
December 14th   Papers 14/12/2015
November 9th
October 8th