Minutes of meeting on Monday March 13th 2017, 7pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh, EH8 9QZ

1. Present: TP, P McD, KH, TLL, LL, DC, DB, RH, DW, NO, JC, Cllr. Orr, and 3 members of the public, including Roz Currie, the Chief of Staff from Tommy Sheppard’s office.

2. Police report (Neil McKay and Euan McKay). RH and TLL described sites where bins dangerously obscure motorists’ views of roads.

3. David Wood outlined the background and aims of the consultation “Places, People and Planning: A consultation of the future of the Scottish Planning System”. He will circulate the slides which he was unable to show, due to the projector not working.

4. The minutes of the meeting held on February 13th were approved, subject to a minor change.

5. Matters arising
5.1. The Communications group will consider use of social media
5.2. The continuing problems with A-boards on pavements was raised. We have to await a study that is to be done by the council of the possibility of a city-wide ban.

6. Councillor’s report: Jim Orr (the report was available on the SCC web site). Cllr. Orr is stepping down, and Alison Dickie is standing for the SNP In the May election. The other 3 current councillors will stand again.

7. Chair’s report. TP met Colin Christison, Chair of the Southside Association (SA) on Friday 17 February, to review joint working of our two organisations. It was agreed that communication was good, but that the Community Council could interact better on local planning matters, including by having a monthly Planning Group report (to be included in the Agenda), and by sharing with the SA letters sent to the council on planning matters. DW and LL offered to become a member of the Planning Group.

8. Secretary’s report
8.1. A Shared Repairs Service for repairs to common areas of tenements has been re-launched.
8.2. The Mural at Gifford Park which we nominated for a My Place Award was sadly not selected for a visit by the judge.
8.3. A brief report was given of a public Meeting for Sick Kids- Community right to buy, organized by Marchmont & Sciennes Development Trust (MMSDT) (there is an informative web site:
8.4. We have been sent a new directory of contact details for local council services, and informed that support for Community Councils is now being provided by a new team. Correspondence should be addressed to

9. Communications Group report. The draft newsletter was approved, subject to addition of a brief item explaining what the CC is. It was agreed that we should have the bulk of leaflets delivered commercially, and would deliver it ourselves to addresses outwith the main EH8 9 post code area. This should take place immediately after the council elections in early May.

10. Provision of GP Services in the Southside: the Southside GP Surgery will move from its present location in Bernard Terrace to the Conan Doyle Medical Centre, Nether Liberton Lane, within the next few months. This will leave our area with poor GP coverage. A new system for providing general practitioners and premises from which they will operate, is to begin before long. JC will write to the appropriate committee of MSPs to enquire when this will begin, how it will operate, and how the SCC can work to regain adequate GP provision. Cllr. Orr offered to assist with this.

11. Sign-Off of SE Locality Improvement Plan Consultation Priorities: A proposed response had been prepared by TP. RH’s suggestion of adding a goal of maintaining the conservation area status and preserving the Southside conservation area’s historic buildings and environments was agreed. It was also agreed to add stronger remarks about encouraging cycling.

12. A proposed Community Clean-Up will be planned by KH and JC, who will find a date, and develop details to be discussed at the meeting next month.

13. Control of Flyposting. DC to write to the Southside Community Centre asking them to include in contracts with users a requirement not to put up posters other than on legally permitted poster drums. Cllr. Orr offered to contact Sarah Burns to find out the procedure for permission to erect drums by companies such as City Centre Posters.

14. Any Other Business
RH raised the India Buildings planning permission.
P McD was given permission to buy a new projector.

15. Date for Next Meeting: April 10.