Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday, 8th February 2022, 7:00pm
(by Zoom)


CC Members:
Stephen Rodger Benson (SRB), Joan Carter (JC) (Acting Chair), Daniel Fisher (DF) Bob Hodgart (BH), Liz Logie (LL), Philip McDowell (PM), Betty Offerman (EO), Philip Pinsky (PP), Sakshika Raghav (Minute Sec).

Councillor: Ian Perry (IP) (from 8.00 pm)

Member of the public:
Nahid Aslam (NA)

1. Welcome and apologies:
    JC welcomed everyone to the meeting.
    Apologies from David Wood, Stuart Tooley.

2. Issues brought by members of the public:
    NA raised a question about the future of the South Side Community Centre. JC said that was a question we intended to raise with Councillor Perry when he arrives.

3. Minutes and Matters Arising:
    The minutes of the December 2021 meeting were agreed.
    3.1 - Item 3.3 Simon Square: Signage now correct and will be maintained. LL stated that there is a problem with lack of signs in East Crosscauseway, but as the road should be open again in 3 weeks or so no further action is needed.
    3.2 - Item 6.1 Response to City Plan 2030 - SCC response submitted.

4. Reports from Committees and meetings attended:
    4.1 - Vice Chair's report - available on website.
    JC added meeting with Holyrood Distillery and neighbours (PP also attending). Successful meeting. One more meeting to be held. Local residents looking to see the Distillery will act as promised.
    JC also reported on the Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links (FoMBL) Trustees meeting. Issues here are (1) Toilets: FoMBL chasing the City Council to put back the temporary toilets on Middle Meadow Walk, and discussing the possibility of permanent toilets at the Pavilion. (2) The Jawbones: Restored Jawbones not fit for outdoor erection. They may go to the National Museum. Some sort of replica Jawbones may go on the Meadows. (3) Bird and Bat boxes: 20 bird boxes put up. Looking at putting bat boxes on buildings near the Meadows. (4) Tree planting: 9 trees recently planted and another 11 yet to go in. FoMBL Tree Group looking for more helpers. (5) Playground equipment: New playhouse going in to the Links playground. (6) Food Kiosk by Links playground erected against the rules. FoMBL pursuing. (7) History Panels: FoMBL hope to complete these 8 panels despite Edinburgh World Heritage pulling out of the project. (8) The Pavilion: Community Action Group looking for a Community Asset Transfer. They currently have a lease for the Pavilion Café until 31st March 2022, and are working on repairs. Future after March unknown. FoMBL supportive of Asset Transfer.

5. Planning and Licensing Applications
    5.1 Solti Restaurant, Drummond Street (formerly the Red Fort) extending to the rear. No objection.
    5.2 3F2 28 South Clerk Street - attic conversion and change of use to HMO. No objection.
    5.3 Charteris Centre has applied to put solar panels on the roof. Not visible from the street.

6. Scottish Widows building.
    Steve Burgess talking to the agent, Nick Ball of Corran Properties Ltd. 16/2/22. Cameron Rose has a meeting with Scottish Widows later this month. No action from SCC until we have more information.

7. Any other Business
    7.1 No police report - would like to raise questions particularly illegal parking on Lutton Place and Haddons Court. Will request attendance every 2nd or 3rd meeting with short written reports in between.
Action JC
    7.2 National Planning Framework 4: We haven't read it completely but can find no mention of Green Hydrogen. BH referred us to articles by Clare Symonds of Planning Democracy and Lesley Riddoch (Glasgow Herald 14/2/22) which highlighted shortcomings in the report. BH will circulate. David Wood may be able help us with this at future meetings.
Action BH
    7.3 Graffiti on Salisbury Crags: Correspondence circulated. Associated with closure of Radical Road. SCC should write to Historic Environment Scotland. JC will circulate a draft letter.
Action JC
    7.4 Composition of the SCC: We now have only 5 elected members. This should be reported to the City Council for their decision on any action needed.
Action JC
    7.5 City Council elections: It was noted that Alison Dickie has resigned from the SNP and is now an independent councillor. The SCC wishes to thank her for her contribution to the Southside and expressed a hope for a continuing relationship. BH will draft a letter to her.
Action BH

8. Councillor's report - Ian Perry
    IP apologised for late arrival because of a communications breakdown.
    8.1 South Side Community Centre: Centre not up for sale. Management group looking at future plans. It will take time to get back to pre Covid use. Management group looking for more members. NA expressed interest. She will write to IP. It would also be good to have SCC representation on the group.
Action NA
    8.2 Newington Library: Lothian Health Board lease expires on 31/3/22. Will return to Library use thereafter.
    8.3 Salisbury Road pedestrian crossing: What is the status of the traffic survey? IP asked to be given details of the officials involved and he would make enquiries.
Action PM
    8.4 Abolition of Parks Department: No decision yet - internal consultation underway. IP will see what information he can release to us.
Action IP
    8.5 Low Emission Zone: Statutory consultation due. IP will send us the report.
Action IP

9. Next meeting 8th March 2022
    Allister Cranston to be invited to attend to report on Salisbury Court.
Action JC