Minutes of meeting on Monday , February 12th 2018

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Present: David Benyon(DB), Joan Carter(JC), Deborah Charlesworth(DC), Robert Hodgart(RB), Kaaren Houghton(KH), Liz Logie(LL) Tim Pogson(TP), Chair and David Wood(DW).
Apologies: Philip McDowell
Also present: Tommy Sheppard MP Edinburgh East, Councillor Alison Dickie, Ollie Glick, Vice-President, University of Edinburgh Student Union
3 Members of the Public

1. Welcome.

2. Minutes of last meeting accepted.
Matters arising: JC to attend next City Deal meeting.
KH to investigate Rankeillor St pharmacy poster box permission
ATM permissions refused, TP.
Questions invited for the guest speaker at the next meeting, Professor Charlie Jeffrey, Vice Principal, University of Edinburgh. Please send them to JC.

3. Councillor’s Report - Budget, school reviews and homelessness in progress. Carnegie Court Residents have successfully established a Residents Association and there will be a pilot regeneration scheme implemented soon. Other matters of concern were, Air BNB, anti-social behaviour, janitor hours, A-board strategy and graffiti.

4. Secretary’s report. Supermarkets made aware of their responsibilities regarding disposal of rubbish and avoiding damage to stairs when making home deliveries.

5. Reports from committees. Environment Committee aims to establish a monthly street cleaning project, concentrating on one street at a time. Recycling plastics and waste management also of concern.(KH)
Councillor Burgess and Gareth Barwell, Head of Place, visited East Crosscauseway on January 11th to inspect examples of ineffective street repairs (LL). There is a plan for Roads Improvement, devised August 2017.
Planning Committee. Neighbourhood Partnership continues. South-East Locality plans will be discussed at a council meeting on February 21st 2018.

6. Other planning matters. Locality Development Plan 2 would mean increased traffic in the area which could be alleviated with use of Park and Ride facility - schools and healthcare provision could also be impacted (DB). It was proposed that a representative of the Planning Department be invited to give us an illustrated talk on that impact on the Southside. The vision for the Southside Town Centre was described by TP.

7. The Causey project consultation has reached new draft proposals which are available on their web- site. (DW). Concern discussed about the real effect on traffic flows (DC). The proposed improvement was considered long overdue (RH). The Project has received critical acclaim outside the city. It was emphasized that the cost of the Project was not a matter for consideration of this TRO discussion (DW). Whilst there is a range of views amongst individual Community Councillors, Southside Community Council overall is supportive of the proposals.

8. Other business. Tommy Sheppard informed SCC members that concerns about Air BNB and short term lets, Work and pension inquiries, Home Office matters were the main topics raised at his surgeries. Appreciation for his assistance was expressed.
RH described proposals for the development of the RHSC site.
The next meeting will take place on Monday 12th March 2018. The Speaker will be Professor Charlie Jeffrey, Vice -Principal, University of Edinburgh.