Minutes of the Meeting on Monday 12th December 2022, 7:00pm at Nelson Hall


CC Members: Daniel Fisher (DF) (Chair), Philip McDowell (PM), Stephen Rodger Benson (SRB), Philip Pinsky (PP), Joan Carter (JC), Betty Offerman (BO) (Minutes), Bob Hodgart (BH) (from 7:30).

Councillor: Steve Burgess (SB).

1. Welcome and apologies:

DF welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies from Liz Logie, Nicholas Oddy.

2. Issues brought by Members of the Public:


3. Minutes of the meeting held on November 14th 2022 and matters arising

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

3.1 Councillor's Report - DF to chase Sumita Kumar for report from October

3.2 Vision for Southside - To be added to agenda in January. JC is liaising with Pam Orchard re away day in the new year, SB requested to be kept informed of progress. PP not yet contacted Kat Hasler for input. JC to circulate documents created in 2018

3.3 East Preston St accidents and CCTV - SRB has emailed TP, yet to receive a response

3.4 East Newington Place - JC has written to all councillors. Planner's response didn't answer any questions directly related to him. JC plans to write to him directly for answers to questions posed.

4. Councillor's Report

SB presented his report. There is a full council meeting on Thursday 15th December at which the council will decide a new business plan. In February 2023 parties will have to agree the budget. Edinburgh population is growing with more pressure on older people's services, SW, education and other statutory services. Scottish government funding has not increased with inflation.

JC asked whether parks and green spaces were a statutory service? With retirement of Mike Shields, community council would be keen to ensure that a replacement is appointed. SB highlighted Head of Greenspaces (David Jamieson) had also retired; very knowledgeable and had driven forward many of the improvements in the area. His role was given to Andy Williams, Head of Waste. Important to find replacement for Mike to oversee parks and green spaces in south of Edinburgh. PM highlighted delays and difficulties in liaising with Forestry Section regarding removal of dead trees in St Patrick Square.

Regarding the Braidwood Centre, SB had received an email from Andrew Field to say dissolution process is complete. The aim for the centre is that it reemerges as community asset, with lots of interest in the building, to be reviewed in the following weeks. SB will keep community council updated as and when he receives information from Andrew Field.

SB had been contacted by the Friends of Nicolson Square requesting assistance. Had contacted environmental wardens, street enforcement team and pest control. Wardens have contacted local cafes to impress on them that food must not be disposed of in the square. Pest control have put out poison with signage.

All BT hubs in the ward apart from at the Commonwealth Pool had been refused by local body review on appeal.

SB requested that community council respond to Thriving Green Spaces team consultation, closing date 31/12/22. Once the consultation is complete it will be presented to communities committee in March 2023 for discussion and approval.

5. Reports from office bearers

5.1 Secretary - SRB had nothing to report

5.2 Chair - DF had nothing to report

5.3 Treasurer - PP reports auditor not yet contacted. PM to forward details to PP

6. Reports from committees attended

BH attended EACC AGM on 24th Nov, summary produced by Ken Robertson available on EACC website. BH would be interested in hearing from EVOC about their planned activity in the Southside.

7. Debrief from lighting ceremony event

DF reports event went very well with a good turnout.

Issues raised: JC reported difficulties with securing food donations, particularly pizzas. The PA system was not able to compete with traffic noise and DF proposed applying for single lane road closure in future. Members of the public commented that there were not enough lights and no Christmas tree. It was discussed that the council should be contacted to provide a living tree and that the Southside Community Centre gardening group could be approached to maintain and water it year round. Colin Christison's contribution will end this year as he is retiring, so wine will need to be bought for the event in future. An extra box of wine should be kept aside to give to contributors as thank you gifts. Hot food contributions could be kept warm in hot food cupboard, available to borrow from Charteris Centre.

JC noted Greggs had not been acknowledged on publicity. A contact at Greggs would be useful for future events. PM to thank Greggs on website. JC to contact Jake Martin for contact details at Greggs.

There was a general discussion about opening the event to performers but it was felt that EUSA's contribution was the most appropriate. JC acknowledged Nahid's disappointment that Palestinian dancers had been unable to perform at the event. JC to invite Community Centre Management Committee to appoint a representative to SCC.

PP stated all expenditure had been reimbursed apart from PM and first aiders; approximately £200 of the funding left. PM to contact Hannah to ask if surplus can be spent on wine for next year's event. DF to provide general report on event and spending in next six months.

8. Planning and licensing

SRB has objected to two short term lets. Los Argentinos has applied for retrospective planning permission, objection to be submitted by 23/12/22.

Short Term Lets licensing has been postponed to October 2023; council reports due to cost of living crisis. JC to write to council leader to object.

9. Public Question Time:


10. Any Other Business:


11. Date of next meeting:

16th January 2023 at 7pm, Nelson Hall