Minutes of meeting on Monday February 13th 2017, 7pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Present: Tim Pogson(T.P. Chair), David Benyon(D.B.), Joan Carter(J.C), Kaaren Haughton(K.H.), Robert Hodgart(R.H.), Liz Logie(L.L.) Theodora Lola-Luz(D.L-L Southside Association), David Wood(D.W. Causey Development Trust) Councillor I. Perry.

Apologies for absence: Deborah Charlesworth(D.L.), Philip McDowell(P.M.) and Svetlana Repanova(S.R.)

Also present, 4 members of the Public.

Councillor Perry reported on Budget changes, the Cole report about schools built under the P.F.I., Parking Charge increases, staffing changes and problems with Refuse Service Collections. L.L. queried present management of broken pavement stones.

Secretary’s' Report. Incredible amount of work collated acknowledged. Employment of a minute-taker to be pursued through the University employment website. (T.P.)

Communications Group. Production of a newsletter proposed. Purchase of a dedicated laptop approved. Facebook and Twitter for discussion with P.M.

Planning Committee. Ownership of land in regard of temporary siting of mobile 'phone mast at the Crags Sports Centre to be established.(T.P.)

Causey Development. To update further following announcement of TRO decision.

Environment Group. Will draft policy re street furniture after publication of city centre pilot outcomes. Cost of window waxing to be established. Councillor Perry to seek new official site for fly posting. He will also liaise on cycle lockers.

J.C. related interesting highlights of a meeting with the creators of the "Leithers Don't Litter" campaign (website

Possible to emulate their example with our own campaign ?"Southside Pride".

R.H. emphasised that the Causey Project is funded by Sustrans Scotland and also reported on the meeting of the Edinburgh Association of Community Councils. Stair lighting continues to cause concern.

Councillor Perry will investigate current situation re closure of G.P. surgeries. T.P. will convene a special meeting to discuss the Local Development Plan, date t.b.c.

Other Business. Southside Association raised some concerns re S.C.C. T.P. will discuss with D. L.-L.
S.K.E.L.F. Controversy continues regarding the siting of the mountain biking park at Dumbiedykes (K.H.)

The next meeting will be on March 13th 2017.