Minutes of meeting on Monday, 13th November 2017, 6.45 – 8.45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh, EH8 9QZ.

Present: Joan Carter(JC), Deborah Charlesworth(DC), Kaaren Haughton(KH), Robert Hodgart(RH), Liz Logie(LL), Philip McDowell(PM), Nicholas Oddy(NO), Tim Pogson(Chair, TP), David Wood(DW)

Apologies: David Benyon(DB), Svetlana Repanova(SP)

Also present: Councillor Cameron Rose

Police officers Neil Mackay and Stuart Fraser

3 Members of the public

1. Welcome.

2. Police Report. Officer Mackay reported an increase in youth anti-social behaviour and as a result police were liaising more closely with schools.

There have been drugs related arrests made.

A week of police action in the South Corridor is planned with particular interest in prevention. CCTV will also participate.

Officer MacKay emphasised the importance of reporting any sightings of graffiti artists in action.

3. Councillors Report: Councillor Rose reported the present state of localities governance, neighbourhood partnerships and a delay in drawing up the Locality Improvement Plan.

The City of Edinburgh Council budget plans are due to be announced on February 21st 2018. The public are invited to give their views on the council website.

There have been fewer reports of problems with rubbish collection but concerns remain about the efficiency. Councillor Rose will follow up concerns about the frequency of street cleaning and long term blocked gutters.

The developers of The Royal Hospital for Sick Children(RHSC) are having statutory meetings with the relevant Community Council.

Police have developed an action plan to deal with illegal activities in Nicolson Square.

4. Reports. DC reported on Andy Wightman’s campaign about short term lets and consultations about new street names, Calton Hill and fire and smoke alarms.

JC and KH gave a comprehensive report from a Shared Waste and Recycling Services meeting which included changes in waste management, recycling, weed eradication solutions and the search for a suitable alternative site for the Cowan’s Close Depot

JC reported from the Nelson Hall Users Meeting. TP will contact relevant parties regarding a list of users.

RH reported on the EACC meetings, the next due on 25th November and open to the public.

5. RHSC. Further details about the developer’s plans for the RHSC site have emerged including more plans for student flats. Members of the SCC disagree with the saturation of student flats.

JC will contact Edinburgh University for a projection of student numbers and KH will draft a letter to CEC expressing the concerns of the SCC.

6. The annual review of events in parks including the Meadows was discussed. No particular objections in addition to usual length of residency of Udderbelly.

Licensing Policy Consultation - Issues of concern are extended licensing hours, noise pollution from music, ensuring adequate litter collection, emptying of glass recycling receptacles at unsuitable times and an over provision of licences in general.

7. Any other business: KH reported the parlous state of a wall in the New John’s Place development. LL will inform the Holyrood View Residents Association and Councillor Rose who had previous involvement with the wall

RH reported that the court case against the proposed hotel at India Buildings had failed. The campaign will continue

The planning group will once again take up the challenge of developing a Southside Community Vision.

PM has identified the increasing numbers of cash machines with garish blue lights in the Southside, the lack of planning applications for same and will write to Planning Applications with concerns.

The Christmas Lighting ceremony in St Patrick Square will take place on Tuesday 6th December It was agreed to donate £100 towards the cost of this event. All invited to attend.

8. The next meeting of the SSCC will take place on Monday 8th January 2018