Minutes of meeting on Monday , 12 March 2018, 6.45 – 8.45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Present: Tim Pogson (TP, chair), Philip McDowell (PMcD), Joan Carter (JC), Robert Hodgart (RH), Liz Logie (LL), Deborah Charlesworth (DC, secretary), David Benyon (DB), David Wood (DW), Kaaren Haughton (KH), Ollie Glick (EUSA), and two members of the public.

1. Professor Charlie Jeffery, Vice-Principal, University of Edinburgh talked about the "City Deal" with some remarks about likely effects on the Southside community.

2. Two slight amendments were made to the minutes of the meeting held on February 12th, which were then agreed.

3. Matters arising.
• KH reported about the pharmacy lights. The owner will contact her after they have spoken to their architect. She believes that the enforcement order will be appealed.
• Our invitation to a council officer to come to our meeting (this time to discuss planning matters) has again been refused, as they are no longer resourced for such activities. Cllr. Burgess said that there is no policy on this. It was agreed that TP will write to the chief executive to express disappointment and explain that such a visit is not the same as offers of "training" in planning matters.

4. Councillors report (Steve Burgess)
• Brief mention of Nicholoson Square meeting (see minutes of last SCC meeting)
• First meeting of SE localities committee. Loss of Neighourhood Partnerships will be discussed at the next meeting.
• Janitor cover at Southside Community Centre. Weekend opening is still not possible, but an arrangement may be made for trusted members to have keys so that some events can occur.
• Gareth Barwell says that they are hoping to find better materials for filling potholes.
• Launch of Zero Waste Edinburgh by the Shrub (the student re-use outfit in Guthrie St). They hope to get advocates to join efforts to help learn about reducing waste and inform neighbours.
• JC asked whether the distillery has yet signed the papers. Cllr. Burgess says that they are in the process of signing. He agreed to enquire.
• LL asked about the Odeon refurbishment. TP says that the workmen will return to the Odeon shortly.
• LL mentioned an objectionable display in the Doghouse pub. KH spoke to someone at the business. Cllr. Burgess will mention this to the Licensing board.
• The student representative emailed his support of the Causey project TRO and asked about the next step. Cllr. Burgess mentioned a meeting with the CDT, who are focusing on fund-raising.

5. Reports
• Chair
o The 20 mph enforcement is weak. JC questions the requirement for the policeman with the speed gun to be visible. DB asks about the next steps, including whether better publicity can be done. KH mentioned that the road in Holyrood Park is not policed. RH suggested requesting speed sensors that indicate one's speed.

• Secretary
o Liz Logie volunteered to attend the March 14th meeting about The AirBnB Phenomenon – how should Edinburgh respond to short-term letting?
o DB, and perhaps TP, will attend the briefing with the Development Plan team, to gather views on potential issues for the LDP 2, and also to ask for suggestions on shaping engagement with the wider public (on Thursday 22 March from 5pm – 6.30pm, Diamond Jubilee Room, City Chambers. 5.

6. Reports from Committees and meetings attended
• EACC, 22nd February. RH attended. There was a presentation about data protection. EACC's role in planning was discussed. Localities are about relating to the Edinburgh Partnership. Cllr. Burgess explained that a rota system has been proposed so that different political parties can take turns convening them. Localities will decide whether to disband Neighourhood Partnerships or not, now that their major roles have been given to localities. JC raised the question of how CCs will operate within a Locality. TP will enquire of other SE CCs’ views.

7. Planning Matters, including
• Southside Planning Vision: comments can be sent via email, preferably during the coming week. KH asked what will be done with the document. JC explained that it can describe principles that may help guide our future discussions of the main planning issues. It could also help discuss issues with other CCs, or the Localities. KH suggested adding social inclusion under community facilities.

8. Any Other Business.
• DC will enquire from Historic Environment Scotland about the tree cutting in Holyrood Park, and from the council about the white powder weedkiller.
• The funds for murals at Haddons Courth and Gibbs Entry have been obtained by the Southside Association.

9. Date for Next Meeting: 9th April.