Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 7:00pm incorporating the Annual General Meeting
(by Zoom)

Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Bob Hodgart (BH), Sakshika (minute), Philip McDowell, Ian Perry (Councillor), Liz Logie, Joan Carter, Stephen Rodger Benson, Daniel Fisher, Svetlana Repanova

Member of the public:
Nahid Aslam


Agenda item Discussion Action
1. Welcome Chair welcomed all to the Annual General Meeting of the Community Council.  
2. Reports from office bearers Chair thanked all for their work and support since the previous AGM in October 2020, under difficult circumstances. Highlights had included:
  • work on short term lets;
  • consultation on management of public spaces;
  • Lutton Place trees;
  • the spring newsletter;
  • consultation on the Spaces for People initiatives, and
  • recently the consultation on the redevelopment of Cowan's Close.
Presentation of 2020/21 Accounts by Svetlana.
Noted that payment for notice board payment is outstanding.
3. Election of Office Bearers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster Cllr Ian Perry chaired this agenda item.
Tim re-elected as Chair, nominated by Joan Carter, seconded by Philip McDowell
Joan re-elected as Vice Chair, nominated by Tim Pogson, seconded by Daniel Fisher
Stephen elected as Secretary, nominated by Tim Pogson, seconded by Joan Carter
Philip re-elected as Webmaster, nominated by Joan Carter, seconded by Liz Logie
No nomination was received for Treasurer. This is a matter for concern. Tim would explore options for filling this post.


Regular Business Meeting

Agenda item Discussion Action
1. Minutes and Matters Arising Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.
Matters arising:
1.1 Council organising two events for Cowan's Close consultation regarding the redevelopment, 17/6 and 15/7. News that use will be wheelchair-accessible Council homes welcomed.
1.2 Tim had chased the Medical centre issue, Salisbury Court, but no response as yet.
1.3 Philip shared that no update on zebra crossing but would continue to pursue.

2. Councillor's report (Ian Perry) He mentioned about rising covid infections, deaths and hospitalisation in the UK. The vaccination process has been ongoing. Council is in the main focusing on handling the infection rate and managing effects in schools, libraries, community centres, etc. The infection is spreading in the schools and this will have a bearing on assessment choices. There is a difficulty in conducting exams for students in the school during pandemic. The libraries are open by booking system.
Investment has been set aside for spending on toilets in the public places. Meadows temp WCs should be in place by 15th June.
3. Reports from Committees and meetings attended Tim attended Use of Public Spaces for Filming and Events Working Group on 19/05/2021 though little progress had been made as yet. The EACC Steering Group meeting attended by Tim on 03/06/2021. This is potentially important in raising the profile of CCs in liaising with CEC and EIJB.
Bob attended four Climate Vulnerability Index Workshops in late May / early June. The academics of James Cook University had talked about heritage sites and how they may be at threat due to climate change.
Daniel attended Southside Neighbourhood Network meeting. This was mainly focussed on the Community Grants Fund disbursement.
4. Short Term Lets Licensing Scheme Guidance Bob attended the Short Term Let Licensing Scheme guidance and stakeholder meeting. They allowed two resident groups to be represented at the main stakeholder guidance development working group. The Scottish Government was developing guidance to support how 'control zones' should operate in practice. Any application for short term let within controlled area would have to get planning permission that would provide the opportunity for neighbours to object.  
5. Planning and Licensing Applications 69 Clerk Street (former Record Shak) -
Philip mentioned that policy is not more than 45% of premises should be non-shop use in this frontage. There are 23 premises on that site and 10 of them are already non-shop. If this change of use was granted, this would exceed 45% non-shop use, so it should be rejected. Philip would submit an objection.
Underbelly's Circus Hub, Meadows -
Tim mentioned Underbelly has submitted an application for circus hub at meadows. Our views on this are well-rehearsed, primarily that the Meadows is not for events but for exercise, wellbeing, etc. Events should be held on areas of hardstanding not greenspaces. Tim will pull together a response.


6. Date of next meeting Next meeting was agreed to be held on 14th September, 2021.