Monday 8th May 2017
The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh, EH8 9QZ

Present.: David Benyon(DB), Deborah Charlesworth(DC), Joan Carter(JC), Robert Hodgart(RH), Liz Logie(LL), Philip McDowell(PM), Nicolas Oddy(NO), Tim Pogson(TP,Chair)

The recently re-elected Councillor Cameron Rose and newly elected Councillor Alison Dickie attended also.

5 members of the public.

Apologies: David Wood(DW)


Annual General Meeting

Chair: Councillor Rose

The Election of Office Bearers, following due process:

Chair: TP –re-elected

Vice-Chair: JC-re-elected

Secretary: DC –re-elected

Webmaster/Communications: PM-re-elected

Environmental Group Lead: Kaaren Houghton(KH) - re- elected (in absentia)

Planning Group Leader: David Benyon. Nicolas Oddy was thanked for all he did while holding this office

Treasurer: Svetlana Rapanova(SR), (in absentia)

The date of the next A.G.M. will be 14th May 2018

Business Meeting.

The Police Report was deferred until June.

The Minutes of the Community Council Meeting of April 10th 2017 were approved.

Matters Arising: David White to attend N.H.S meeting in June

Comments had been put to Council relative to a list of streets in poor condiction in Southside being added to list of streets due for attention in current financial year. No response had been received. Cameron to chase.

Air BNB Following completion of a report by MSP Andy Wightman on the matter, SCC will resume further discussion with other CC’s at meeting to be organised by Andy’s office.

Councillor's Report.

Councillor Rose referred the members to outside sources for the full results of the Council Election

Negotiations continue with regard to how the Council will be run

Dumbiedykes is now part of Edinburgh Central and we await their decision about their future preferences.

The possibility of establishing a complaints procedure for reporting unfit landlord was raised by DC. TP mentioned the landlord registration functions of CEC (

Secretary's Report. Selected from the many requests for consultation are as follows;

Airspace Change Consultation to which DC will respond.

Late hours catering. DC will respond

Circus Hub meeting 23rd May. TP will attend and visit site.

Lack of consultation over Planters in the Meadows actions. DC will convey concerns.

Communications Report. The SCC leaflet will be distributed in September(PM)

The document "Supplementary Guidance:- Nicolson Street/Clerk Street, Portobello, Stockbridge-draft for consideration"

Lindsay Robertson, Senior Planning Officer, City of Edinburgh Council highlighted 10 important points for consideration representing aims for the area.

Many concerns were raised and anomalies identified. DC will draft a comprehensive response to be sent before 30th May.

Community Clean Up. Takes place Saturday 13th May 2017, meeting at Tesco Metro at 11.00, lasting 2 hours. KH has liaised with council staff regarding equipment and Health and Safety talk.

Any Other Business: Dora has resigned as link person with The Southside Association. Colin will continue to seek a replacement from amongst expected new members.

Scott Paterson was unanimously co opted to the SCC

A very noisy generator in Lutton Court which runs continually, was reported by NO. A letter will be drafted and sent to developers.

RH flagged legal action against Cowgate hotel development.