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Democracy at its closest to the people, the Community Council represents the views of the people of the Southside to higher levels of government. The SCC is committed to working for the good of the residents and amenities of the local area.
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Regular business meetings of the Community Council are held in the Gray Room at the Nelson Hall, Spittalfield Crescent (where Bernard Terrace meets St Leonards St), on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except for July and August, starting at 6:45 pm. The AGM is held in May or June, immediately before the regular meeting.

Meetings are open to members of the public who are welcome to raise concerns and participate in discussions.

In the current climate of infection control, Southside Community Council will not be meeting until further notice. However, we will continue our work online and via email, so if you do have any concerns that should be brought to our attention, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the details on our Contacts page and we will continue to flag issues to our councillors, Council staff and other stakeholders as we always do.

Please also note that we are very keen to ensure that any older or vulnerable residents in the Southside or able to access the essential resources they need during this crisis time, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you or anybody you know would benefit from help to access essential groceries, prescriptions, etc - details here.

We will let you know through our website when we are able to resume our normal meetings. In the meantime, stay safe and look out for each other.

Many thanks, Members of Southside Community Council

What is the SCC?

The Southside Community Council is a group of people who care about our community... Read more.

Corona Virus

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We can help you link up.

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What Do You Think?

Give us your views on topics the City Council and other public bodies are consulting on. Click here to go to our Consultation page.

Neighbourh'd Watch Alerts

From time to time, the local Police send us information about crimes in the area and how to avoid them, and stay safe. Here are the latest alerts.

Flat dweller?

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Scottish Ambulance Service

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Don't dump it!


Fly Posting

Fly Posting is a blight on our area. Control of advertisements is a function of the City of Edinburgh Council. Dodging this control is illegal and antisocial, and we are concerned about the proliferation of fly posting. Read more...

Southside Murals

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What's on in the area?

Our sister organisation, the Southside Association, has a great "What's on?" page. See it here.

Planning issues

We are always keeping an eye open for problems that may be caused by new planning applications... Read more.

Crime in the Area

We are hearing reports of increased levels of shoplifting and illegal drug dealing in the area... Read more.

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