Bernard Terrace Crossing

Each year for the past few years the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership, the arm of the City Council that looks after our area, have alocated some money and asked us what we would like it spent on. There is usually some for roads capital projects, and we are asked to suggest schemes that are needed in the area, and they are then voted on, most recently by the "Participatory Budgeting" method. In the last round of this process we suggested a pedestrian crossing of Bernard Terrace near the junction with St Leonards Street. In the voting it came top of the poll, so it should have been completely funded, but it hasn't appeared yet.

The voting took place in January 2018, and we understood this was in the 17/18 budget, so it should have happened quite quickly. Now we hear that there is a discussion within the Council as to what kind of crossing it should be. There is a list, apparently, of all the places that pedestrian crossings with traffic lights are needed, and these are prioritised by how urgent they are, and it seems Bernard Terrace is some way down that list. However, we didn't ask for a signalised crossing - a zebra crossing would be just fine, and quite a bit cheaper. So why the delay?

We are now calling on the Council to get this crossing in place as quickly as possible. This is a busy place, with lots of school pupils and university students crossing here. We hope no-one will be hurt here before the Council gets round to putting in the crossing they have promised.

If you feel as we do that this crossing is badly needed, and soon, please write to your Councillors and ask them to act.