Cowans Close Development

Cowans Close Aerial View

Update, May 2023

The Street Cleansing Depot at Cowan's Close closed at the end of April 2023 when staff relocated to Seafield depot. Possession of the site has now transferred to the Housing Department. The site has been secured and is monitored remotely by the Council's Property Security department using PIDs (personal intruder devices). Officers have begun a process to clear the site, including preparing the depot building for demolition. The aim is for the depot building to be demolished by the end of the Summer 2023 but this will be dependent on update of the ecology report and if any wildlife is found which may affect that date.

As regards to the proposed redevelopment, as you may be aware, the site has planning approval (permitted with conditions) for a 4 storey fully wheelchair accessible residential block of 19 flats. Details can be viewed here (Cowan's Close). The Council is in the process of appointing a contractor from its new build housing framework who, together with the existing design team, will complete detailed design work and secure other required permissions over the next few months with a view to submitting a tender to the Council in around 10 months. Subject to the affordability of that tender construction could start in Spring 2024.

The street cleansing depot in Cowan's Close is shutting, and the site is to be redeveloped for housing.

The site is being considered for a new block of Council homes suitable for wheelchair users to address some of the acute shortage of adapted homes in the city.

The City of Edinburgh Council carried out a consultaton exercise to seek the views of local residents about this development.

As a result, full plans have been prepared and planning permission applied for. Full details can be found in the web page that has been developed for the site at