Current Consultations

Police Scotland

We're calling for your views on our joint strategy with the Scottish Police Authority which sets out how we will serve our communities across Scotland in the future.

The consultation runs until the 2nd of March and you can have your say by clicking the link below:

This consultation is an important opportunity for the citizens of Scotland to shape the sort of police service it wants at a crucial time.

Edinburgh Talks Climate Citizen Survey

Last year, a landmark report by the United Nations warned that, unless urgent action is taken, the opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change will be missed.

The Climate Change Plan Scotland 2018 set out the continuing actions of Scottish Government to ensure Scotland meets the climate challenge. Following on from this, Scotland became the first country to declare a climate emergency in early 2019 and the Climate Change Bill 2019 set a challenging national target for Scotland to be Carbon Neutral by 2045.

The City of Edinburgh Council recognises the vital role of local government in addressing climate change and in May formally declared a climate emergency and committed to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

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This consultation is open until 31.05.2020

Choices for City Plan 2030

The City of Edinburgh Council is reviewing its Local Development Plan.

A Local Development Plan sets out locations for new homes and businesses, protect places of value, and ensure essentials for a good quality of life are in place - such as public transport, schools and green space

When we prepare a new local development plan we are not starting from scratch. Our current Edinburgh Local Development Plan was adopted in 2016.

Our next plan 'City Plan 2030' will be adopted in 2021.

There are several changes we wish to make to our current plan. When we want to make changes to a Local Development Plan, the first stage is to consult on these through a main issues report. Choices for City Plan 2030 is our main issues report for our next local development plan.

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This consultation is open until 27.03.2020

City Mobility Plan

Across the world, progressive cities are embracing the global challenges of climate change and inequality with action and vision.

To meet our ambition to be carbon neutral, we need re-think the way we move people and goods in and around Edinburgh. We need clean, safe, efficient, accessible and affordable ways of doing this.

We have made significant progress in the last ten years, however more of the same is not an option. Now is the time for bolder, more transformational action.

Our City Mobility Plan - draft for consultation is a ten-year strategy that sets out proposals to transform the way people, goods and services travel around the city.

The SEA Draft Environmental Report for the City Mobility Plan is available at the link below or can be inspected at Planning and Building Standards reception at Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG.

Comments on the SEA may be submitted by emailing or in writing to Spatial Policy, The City of Edinburgh Council, G.3 Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG

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This consultation is open until 27.03.2020

SEA Environmental Report

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