Student Housing, East Newington Place

East Newington Place

We are pleased to report that the Council has unanimously rejected plans for the building of more student accommodation on East Newington Place.

Our thanks to the members of the Development Management Sub-committee who made this decision, despite a recommendation from the Planning officials to grant permission.

The developers have lodged an appeal against this decision. Details can be found on the DPEA website at:
PPA-230-2377 Planning Permission Appeal and
CAC-230-2006 Conservation Area Consent Appeal (Demolition)

Reporter: Mr Trevor Croft
A site visit will be carried out. The reporterdecided that they do not require to be accompanied on their inspection of the site.
Target date for decision: 10th August 2022
The deadline for any submissions was 15th June 2022. The Southside Community Council response can be seen here.

This result raises a number of questions about the planning process. The developers have been put to considerable expense in preparing their application, having had pre-application discussions with the City Planning Department. Why is it that the Planning Department is at odds with the elected Councillors making the decisions? Why are the Planning Department so vague about student numbers in the area? Why are the policies on which these decisions are based so imprecise?

We shall continue to keep an eye on this one, and other developments proposed in our area. We shall also be asking questions about the recommendations of the Planning Department.