Communications report June 2019

1. Notice Board

There is already a notice board on St Patrick Square which we can use. It is quite small.

Mike Shields, Parks And Greenspace Officer South East, replied to my enquiry after our last meeting with:

"A notice board was already agreed for the use of Southside community Council and is the notice board to the left hand side looking from the main street, it was installed several years ago , let me know if you require any further keys. The garden has one the same to the right for council use.Afraid there is no need for a third notice board in such a small garden."

On further enquiry he replied:

"The left hand side notice board was for local community information so can be used by both the community council and any other groups , A key was given out and they used this board and also the parks general one in Deaconess Garden with the condition they always remove items when out of date as we are marked down in our parks quality assessment scores if out of date info in our notice boards."