SCC CHAIR’S REPORT, for meeting of October 9, 2017

1. A7 Resurfacing – On 30 September, I responded to an invitation from Steven Blacklaw of the City Council to comment on any related projects that may be achievable whilst the main road between South Bridge and Newington Road is being completed early in the New Year. I mentioned railings at junctions and also took the opportunity to mention a personal bugbear related to one specific traffic island along this route. This provoked some personal communications between individual community councillors and Steven related to traffic islands in general which are to be removed in line with current Council policy.

2. 20mph enforcement – David Wood has discussed with a couple of members of the Southside Association submitting a joint Association/Community Council comment to the police in relation to 20mph enforcement.

3. Objections to Chicken Club Extended Opening Hours Applications – previously it was reported to me that our objection to the Chicken Club extended opening hours had not been considered as it had been received late. I protested that this certainly was not the case and Cameron Rose was investigating for us. This situation was only further complicated by a letter, dated 25 July, coming to light acknowledging receipt of our objection. Cameron is still investigating.

4. Haddon’s Court – On 27 September, I was cc’d into an email from Nick Ruane of the Haddon’s Court Proprietor’s Association to the City Council commenting on a number of issues, appearance, cleanliness and antisocial behaviour. I encouraged Nick to attend our 9 October meeting as the issues raised were of common concern to us as a Community Council. Interestingly to me, the email raised concern at the preponderance of charity shops on the High Street, something that to my knowledge we have never specifically considered.

5. Nelson Hall – On 28 September, I met with Markus Kroner of the City Council who is overseeing the transfer of the management contract to Scoosh. He reported that was all progressing smoothly; the contract would transfer as of 1 October and a first Users Meeting would be held on 27 October.

6. Student Association Communities Officer – I met with Ollie Glick, the first holder of the Communities Vice-President post at Edinburgh University Students Association, and Sheona Lawson, who supports the sabbatical officers, on 12 September. We discussed the student community being represented at Community Council meetings. As a first step, I encouraged Ollie and colleagues to attend our 9 October meeting.

7. Dermex (58 South Clerk Street) Change of Use Application – Following the resubmission of this change of use application, the original having being refused, I lodged our objection using the online form on 19 September, restating our previous objection on the grounds of over-supply of food outlets, but also objecting in principle to a resubmission of an application less than a week after an identical application had been refused