SecretaryÕs report for April 2017 meeting.                     


Invitations to events and consultations or invitations to comment

1.      March 12: A New Light Rail Train Concept for Edinburgh and its Environs from Edinburgh Light Rail Company Limited (ELRCL), see  The contact email address is

2.     14 March 2017: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service review and consultation., closing date 31st March 2017. DC completed this after input from others. [return code ANON-PWR6-29BQ-D]

TP suggestion

The only priority that I can think of that may be we should make reference to would be the dangers of cluttered tenement stairs, of which our area has more than its fair share. I am well aware of the dangers caused by stairs becoming dumping grounds for combustible items, rubbish, etc, but I also think of the impediment to escape caused by stairs filled by stored bikes, buggies, etc, especially if a stair is filled with smoke and maybe the electric to whatever stair lighting is still in working condition has gone off. Maybe I'm over-dramatising, but in my stair it's often awkward to get past the bikes with your shopping bags, etc, so to think of us all getting out in a hurry in difficult circumstances does cause me a bit of alarm. Maybe it's an issue we could flag for our area. I'm sure the fire service is well aware of the dangers.

3.     14 March 2017: Policing 2026 Consultation meeting, April 3rd. TP will attend.

4.     March 14: Consultation on Proposed Policy and Code of Conduct for Public Processions

Anyone organising a parade or procession in Scotland must notify the Council and police at least 28 days prior to the date of the event. The Council has developed a detailed policy and code of conduct for parades and processions. To comment (closing date is: 31st March 2017)

Suggested responses (response ID is ANON-G2FW-ND77-P):

á      The requirement for 28 days notice seems excessive and tends to make it difficult for organisers.

á      It is not clear whether the form is appropriate and can cover all situations.

á      It is not appropriate for businesses to be considered more important than other activities. It is not appropriate for businesses to be considered more important than other activities. Individual cases need to be considered on an individual basis — they are not all the same.

á      Places of worship are no more entitled to special treatment than other places. Disturbing residents is a greater problem than disturbing a congregation.

á      I cannot comment on the form as I cannot see it. Obviously, the form should be as simple as possible.

5.     March 14: Policing 2026: Community Councillors Information Evening

6.     March 14: Information about BIDs Scotland Annual Gathering and SG/YoungScot Survey on proposals in Places, People & Planning

A Business Improvement District (BID) is part of a town, tourism and visitor area, commercial district, or specific theme in which businesses work together to invest in local improvements. There are 36 operational BIDs in Scotland, including town centres, business parks, industrial estates and tourism initiatives ( Business Improvement Districts Scotland (BIDs Scotland) provides support, advice and encouragement to business groups, communities and local authorities considering and developing a business improvement district. The Gathering is free to attend. To register, please visit


7.     March 17: Forthcoming Consultation - from Lindsay Robertson, Senior Planning Officer  (0131 469 3932, The City of Edinburgh Council is preparing supplementary guidance for Nicolson Street/Clerk Street Town Centre. This will set out where uses of shop units can change and how we plan for a mix of uses to support the town centre. A draft was approved for consultation by our Planning Committee on 2nd March 2017. The draft guidance has been informed by a Ôpublic life street assessmentÕ carried out by design consultants for the Council, which explored how the town centre could evolve to maximise the potential for benefitting public life and a Place Standard exercise carried out within the Southside.  The draft as approved by Planning Committee is available now on our website, but I cannot see it.

The guidance

á      identifies groups of shop units within the town centre where the proportion of units in non-shop use should not fall below a set level (the finalised guidance will be used to decide planning applications for change of use from a shop use to a non-shop use)

á      identifies appropriate uses within the defined town centre,

á      and suggests potential changes to the town centre boundary – this would extend protection in one case – around Nicolson Square and remove protection south of East/West Preston Street.  

A formal consultation will run between 18 April and 30 May. 

Reports (downloaded ones are highlighted)

            Item 5.1 - Planning Committee Business Bulletin – Reports, 55.53 KB

            Item 6.1 - Open Space 2021, Open Space Action Plans – Reports, 15.67 MB

            Item 6.2 - Annual Review of Guidance – Reports, 80.12 KB

            Item 6.3 - Review of Edinburgh Design Guidance for Consultation – Reports, 6.18 MB

            Item 6.4 - Supplementary guidance: Portobello, Stockbridge and Nicolson Street/Clerk Street Town Centres - drafts for consultation – Reports, 3.42 MB 97 pages

            Item 7.1 - Planning and Building Standards Customer Engagement Strategy – timetable for improvements – Reports, 55.98 KB

            Item 7.2 - Short Stay Commercial Visitor Accommodation – Reports, 6.25 MB 25 pages

            Item 7.3 - Grants to Third Sector Organisations 2017/18 – Reports, 95.69 KB

            Item 7.4 - Edinburgh Urban Design Panel: Seventh Progress Report – Reports, 367.75 KB

            Item 8.1 - Finalised Old Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal – Reports, 10.52 MB

            Item 9.1 - Planning Fees – Reports, 319.64 KB

            Item 9.2 - Edinburgh Airport Masterplan – Draft for Consultation – Reports, 108.98 KB

            Item 10.1 - Edinburgh Street Design Guidance – Process for Approving Part C Detailed Design Manual – Reports, 549.51 KB

8.     21 March: Funding for community projects in Edinburgh, with deadline April 21st 2017, and information on eligibility at One-one support for applicants to discuss projects and applications on Monday March 27th at EVOC, 14 Ashley Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5PX.

9.     March 24: Last chance to contribute to the Compact Voice survey. They want information about our organisation and the services we provide, and how decisions on budget and service delivery in the public sector affect our organisation and the people we work with. I did not do this survey.




1)    March 22, 2017: Weekly List 20/03/2017

a)    Comments were sent on the proposed changed at St Peters Church , Lutton Place , 7/01039/FUL  and  17/01040/LBC , both delegated


Other emails and copies of emails and letters received

1.     13: March edition of Tenants Voice (available from this link

11.  March 14, 2017: Holyrood Park events - April to June 2017

12.  March 14, 2017: Planning weekly lists

13.  March 17: The street with the most bikes apparently in use in the area is Montague St, with dozens of bikes chained up outside on the railings. There are areas not marked for parking adjacent to the speed bumps some could perhaps be used for secure bike storage. The SA would welcome any initiative that the SCC takes on this.

14.  08 March 2017: Bikes: From: Melanie Main [] To: 'Hilary McDowell' <>. Forms are available to remove abandoned bikes in stairs and on private land.

15.   March17: A boards: A review will take place over the summer, and a report will go before councillors in January 2018!  A recent survey recorded 60 on the Royal Mile despite a ten year ban there! Options for discussion include a complete ban, a partial ban on certain streets and permit or licence agreements. 

16.  March 25:Road, Footway and Bridges Additional Investment Capital Programme for 2017/18 (35 page pdf forwarded by Tim Pogson). A bar plot on p. 4 claims that < 5% is in the condition called ÒredÓ (which is defined later as roads in the worst condition). The report says that total spending is > £70 million, and the text and summary (pages 11 & 12) show proposed allocations of £1m of the additional capital funding for Surface Enhancement within Localities. For Òholistic surface enhancementsÓ to Red areas, plus £850,000 for small scale permanent carriageway and footway patching repairs, and £220,000 for small scale repairs to flagged footways and slabbed areas throughout the city (mainlt the centre – which probably doesnÕt mean the southside), and the same for road markings. They also plan to spend £150,000 on the ÒNextbikeÓ scheme, and £100,000 for cycling provision more generally. I have highlighted the places in the southside that are listed in the Appendix. These include resurfacing the road from Chambers St to S W Newington Place, BUT MAYBE NOT the intersection with E Preston St, which was recently repaired, but very inadequately. These streets are not graded red, only amber, so I am not certain that they will get repairs, maybe just being listed is all one can hope for? Windmill St to Bucchleuch St, , and part of the Pleasance, are listed for ÒSurface TreatmentÓ, whatever that may be.  And work on Local (and Main) Footways does not have anything listed in our area, despite the frightful state in Causewayside, e.g. outside the Sambuca restaurant and down to Salisbury Place, and also in S. Clerk St near the Papa JohnÕs pizza outlet.


From East Parkside Proprietors' Association

1)    March 17: Continued problems with "green recycling" at East Parkside. 360 litre bins at 19, 24, 26 and 34 East Parkside have still not been emptied, , and it needs to be done urgently.

2)    March 17: Advert for a forthcoming illegal event at Innocent Railway Tunnel.

3)    21 March: Also a major disturbance in the Tunnel on Saturday, 18 March 2017.The Police were informed.

4)    21 March: Also photographs of new graffiti on the walls of the Innocent Railway Tunnel, and bags containing several dozens of empty drink bottles that were left after the illegal event .


Letters & emails sent

1.     March 14, 2017: To Lisa Sibbald re fly posting.