South Side Community Centre Management Committee Meeting- Tues 14th Feb 2017

The meeting was attended by about 8 or 9 people. Scott Wilkins was not there as he had had a stroke a few days earlier. He was thought to be recovering.

My reason for attending was primarily to follow progress on the future of the Nelson Hall(and the SSCC) as they may change status as the Council sheds some of its responsibilities for Community Centres. We, as a CC want to support a viable future for these facilities. We also have a vested interest as we have our meetings there for free. I think it was Sarah Burns who gave a report to the Management Committee initially that was somewhat reassuring but I donít think the legal position of the Nelson Hall is really clear yet. However it does sound like the Council, the Management Committee, SCOOSH are talking (there had been some concern that they were not). I have asked to be kept up to date and have offered to attend further meetings.

There was some talk about the Income and Expenditure for the past year(I have the analysis sheet if anyone is interested); it seems healthy. Many people get a great deal of learning and social benefit from the activities that take place in these centres.

(I donít think I have seen any minutes from this meeting. I will chase them up.)

Joan Carter