Bus Shelters

The new bus shelter was installed on Buccleuch Street in July 2015. It seemed much bigger than the old one, and left very little space for people to get past behind it. We asked for it to be removed, and that has finally happened after a long delay.

While we were campaigning for the removal of the shelter we found out quite a bit about the process of putting in the new shelters. We made a request for information under the Freedom of Information legislation. You can see what we asked and what replies we received on the Council's website. Here is the link. (Scroll down to No. 11945)

The City of Edinburgh has a set of guidelines for street design, in which it is made plain that there should always be a minimum width of 1.5 metres left clear on the pavement for the passage of pedestrians. It concerns us that the Council has told J C Decaux, who are putting in the new bus shelters, that they only have to leave a space of 1 metre free behind a new shelter. That's what there was on Buccleuch Street, and we don't think it's enough.

We are planning to try to find out what other new shelters are planned for the area, and see if we can avoid situations like Buccleuch Street occuring again.

If you are concerned about any bus shelter in the Southside, please tell us about it. We would be paricularly interested to hear from you if you have mobility problems, use a mobility scooter, or push a double buggy, or need a bit extra pavement space for any reason. See our Contacts page for our email addresses.