Door To Door Crime (18/8/2020)

Dear All,
Police Scotland has been made aware of problematic door to door traders in the wider Edinburgh area. Some of these may be trading lawfully, however please know that any person attending at your door attempting to sell goods requires to be in possession of a current Pedlar Certificate as per the Pedlars Act 1871. If unknown persons attend at your door, use your door chain (if available) and ask to see their Pedlars Certificate on every occasion. Pedlar Certificates are issued to eligible candidates by the Police and entitle the holder to act as a Pedlar anywhere within the UK.

Should the Pedlar not be able to provide a certificate when asked, he may be committing an offence. Please contact Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency, if you have any concerns.

Please also find attached general Bogus Workmen advice.

Kind Regards
PC Julie Cochrane
Prevention, Intervention and Partnerships Department
Edinburgh Division

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Message Sent By
Julie Cochrane (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)