Bank Scam Phone Calls (21/10/20)

Police in Edinburgh recently have received reports of scam phone calls purporting to be from their bank.

Suspicious about a phone call from your “bank”?

Bogus callers can make contact with you by phone and claim to be from your bank or other trusted organisation.

A fraudster may advise you that there has been suspicious activity on your bank account and request you transfer all of your money into a 'safe account'. They may instruct you to hang up the phone and call a number provided by them. However, the fraudster will keep the line open, pretend to be a bank official and provide you with details of the 'safe account' and induce you to carry out the transfer of money in their account. Fraudsters are cunning, creative and often very convincing.

However, your bank will never:


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Advice and information on bank scams and frauds can also be found on Trading Standards Scotland (Scam Share) link:

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PC Sonja Kaiser-Ferris Prevention, Interventions and Partnerships Department Edinburgh Division

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