Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 7:00pm
(by Zoom)

Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Bob Hodgart (BH), Sakshika (minute), Daniel Fisher, Philip McDowell, Aliso Dickie (Councillor), Liz Logie, Joan Carter, Nicholas Oddy.

Agenda item Discussion Action
1. Welcome Chair welcomed all to the meeting of the Community Council.  
2. Apologies Stephen Rodger Benson, David Wood  
3. Previous Minutes Adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2021- agreed  
4. Matters Arising 4.1 Holyrood Park Road signage. Better signs have been put in place. Some of the positioning could be better and they were often blown/knocked over. Tim would write thanking for progress so far and pointing out more work needed.
4.2 Tim raised the issue of road closures inside the Holyrood Park. A reply has not been received from Northfield Willowbrae CC. Tim will chase.
4.3 Trees on Lutton Place have been planted.
4.4 Clean air event at Deaconess Garden - no response as yet from Scott W.
4.5 Graffiti - Tim had spoken to the Graffiti manager within the council. He is ready to work with the community council. He was to discuss with his team and come back to us.

5. Councillor's report (Alison Dickie) Alison mentioned about Meadows antisocial behaviour issue over the recent weekend. There has been an increase in the number of alcohol-related incidents in the Meadows among young people. There has been action taken to resolve the issues, with promise of additional bins, toilets, cctv, etc.
Council officers are planning to hold a meeting with the Community Council and residents to discuss the consultation on the redevelopment of Cowan's Close site which is due to close July and be redeveloped for affordable housing.
There has been no recent update received about Nicolson Square redevelopment.
The space around Preston Street primary school and Sciennes primary school have been adapted in line with Spaces for People. Meetings will be held between councillors and residents, parents, etc., to discuss the future of these changes and wider issues.
6. Reports from Office Holders 6.1 Tim has been invited to join the Use of Public Spaces Working Group.
6.2 Treasurer's Report has been put up on the website. Completion of handover to Liz is anticipated in next week.
7. Reports from Committees and Meetings attended 7.1 Short term lets (11th March)
Bob attended the meeting. People will get permission for short term let and licensing lasts for 3 years. What if there are management problems during that period? Will residents be informed of renewals? Valid points but similar approach to existing regulation of licenced premises anticipated.
7.2 Planning democracy on 30th March
Bob attended the meeting, covering appeals process to Scottish Government.
8. Nextdoor app (Daniel) Daniel suggested that the Community Council join the Nextdoor app. Had been discussed two years previously and no-one had been keen then. No-one was keen to join, doubts over usefulness, concerns about data protection. Community Council communicates through website, FB, etc. Decided not to join now but maintain under review. TP
9. Bernard Terrace Zebra Crossing Philip had written to Alan Dunlop but received no response. It was on the agenda of the Transport and Environment Committee on 22/4, so opportunity to chase. Alison would chase up a response and report back. Alison
10. Spring Newsletter Philip updated about the newsletter, which had now been printed. He reported that Royal Mail will be delivering the newsletter to EH8 9.. which covers most of our area. Volunteers are required to deliver the balance. Some requested not before the May 6 election which was accepted. Volunteers to report to PM if willing to help. All
11. Planning and Licensing Applications No issues currently.  
12. Any Other Business Southside CC are joining forces with Gorgie Dalry and Merchiston CCs to organise a Holyrood election hustings on the evening of Friday 23 April. Details expected soon.  
13. Date of next meeting Tuesday 11th May 2021, at 7pm.