Minutes of the discussion on Tuesday, 19th May 2020, 7:00 pm (by Zoom)

Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Bob Hodgart (BH), Sakshika Raghav (minute), Daniel Fisher, Nicholas Oddy, Philip McDowell, Cameron Rose (Councillor), Stephen Roger Benson and one member of the public.

Agenda item Discussion Action
1. Welcome The Chair welcomed all to this discussion of the Community Council conducted online.  
2. Councillor's report 2.1 Graffiti has been going on the local area. Bag of spray paint & fliers has been found in the Holyrood park area.
2.2 Also flyposting of Extinction Rebellion posters.
2.3 All Council processes are slowed by pandemic, although a support network for local businesses had been launched recently.
2.4 Tim raised a concern that Liz had emailed about disinfecting of streets (particularly communal waste bins) in light of coronavirus and the virus containment at Council premises. Cameron mentioned about Scottish Government, NHS guidance on their websites. Council will be following all official advice.
3. University Community Engagement Strategy Tim summarised some of the key issues in the university community engagement plan:
• aim to operate on a ‘no surprises’ basis with community partners in engagement around major developments on University estate, and seek to be as open and transparent as possible about future plans.
• trial opening up some buildings to allow community bookings on a cost-free basis.
Philip supported the no surprises clause although he was concerned about the current situation affecting the university finances which could cause difficulties.
Stephen agreed it will be difficult for university finances after drop in number of international students as they earn a lot from them.
From the partnering with the community to deliver positive changes section, Tim flagged:–
• help facilitate exchange between University experts and community groups,
• To create more apprenticeship opportunities.
as potentially promising offers.
Stephen expressed concern that apprenticeships shouldn’t be subsidised labour. It must be a genuine benefit to the apprentice.
Tim talked about the three proposed flagship projects of University community plan. Philip expressed supports for the proposed projects.
Tim commented on the Governance and evaluation section of the University community plan.
Bob raised the issue of student housing only suitable for students. They could be built with a flexible approach to make them suitable for ordinary families as well as students. University has influence on these developments and should ask that they are more flexible in their application.

Tim will collate comments and submit response by closing date of 22 May
4. Date of Next Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday 9th June 2020, at 7:00pm.
In light of continuing social distancing rules, a decision will be taken nearer the time whether a further discussion by Zoom is required.