Minutes of meeting on Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Bob Hodgart (BH), Kaaren Haughton, Sakshika Raghav (minute), David Wood, Maggie Peatfield, Philip McDowell, Steve Burgess (Councillor), Stuart Tooley, (University), Stephen Benson, Liz Logie

In Attendance:
Mark Phillips (Police representative)

Agenda item Discussion Action
1. Police Report: (Mark Phillips) 1.1 Last month controlled drugs were recovered from property at Richmond Place, also charged for theft of electricity.
1.2 House break-ins at St. Patrick Square
1.3 Increase in theft of vehicles reported in city centre and Southside.
1.4 Theft of Just Eat bikes reported. Many bikes stolen but usually recovered. Stolen bikes flash red and blue.
1.5 Good reports of 20mph enforcement.
1.6 Tim raised the concerned about 20 mph and proposed to pass the list of streets identified as requiring further enforcement following tonight's meeting.
2. Welcome Chair welcomed all to the meeting of the Community Council. The formal introduction of all members was given to the new minute secretary.  
3. Apologies Daniel Fisher, Joan Carter, Caroline Barr and Svetlana Repanova  
4. Previous Minutes Adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 11th February 2020 with amendments noted. Final version will be posted to website BH / PM
5. Matters Arising 5.1 Philip presented the Bernard Terrace zebra crossing mock-up image. Tim suggested to send this image to the ward councillors, also Alan Dunlop (CEC). Philip was asked to put up the image on the SCC website.
5.2 Tim raised the issue about the toilets at the Meadows east end and environmental improvement around the area. DW will email re toilets. Tim had suggested to Joan to hold walkabout of area with M Shields (CEC).
5.3 Tim raised the issue about the streets for 20mph speed enforcement. After discussion a priority list was agreed, two main north-south routes, followed by east-west route (Preston Street, etc). This will be forwarded to Mark (PS).



6. Councillor's report (SB) 6.1 Council Budget had been passed, £30 million cuts in the budget. This will affect nursery teachers who will be relocated to primary schools. There will be a cut in the schools budget and also Edinburgh Leisure. Scottish Government agreed extra £95 million budget for Scotland's local authorities which means £7.5 million more for Edinburgh. Council tax went up 3% plus inflation.
6.2 He urged all to participate in the online consultation, Cityplan 2030, which is available till 31st March. Tim suggested to pick most relevant Choices from Cityplan 2030 so that it will be feasible to work on those and respond Agreed to respond to:
Choice number 4 (DW)
Choice number 6, 7 & 8 (KH)
Choice number 9 (TP)
Choice number 10 (JC?)
Choice number 15 (SB)
Responses will be sent to the Chair by 23 March.
Bob raised the issue about the non-availability of Lothian buses in new housing area leading to increased traffic. This will be covered in Choices 6, 7 & 8.
6.3 Steve responded to the issue about South Bridge Resource Centre. Head of Estates had confirmed the building is not on the market but they need to repair the building. He talked about the financial cost of repair of old Victorian buildings, with money not available until 2023. The current users were concerned that the centre may have to be shut if essential repairs couldn’t be carried out. Tim suggested involving other organisations, Southside Community Centre and Canongate Youth, in seeking to help South Bridge Resource Centre users.
6.4 Steve raised the issue about the threatened no.6 bus to Dumbiedykes. Lothian buses don't consult the local communities which are getting affected. It was thought Svetlana was attending the Dumbiedykes meeting this evening and would report to the next CC meeting.


7. University of Edinburgh Community strategy (Stuart) 7.1 University developed a new strategy - focuses are:
- Research
- Teaching & Learning
- People
- Social & Civic responsibilities
University has already commenced community engagement strategy, involving community through an open event in the University for local communities to attend and share their ideas. He confirmed there would be future events to which members would be invited to join.
8. Chair's report (Tim)

Treasurer's report
8.1 Southside Community Centre Management Committee are struggling for members, even to be quorate. Daniel & Tim had volunteered to join the committee.

8.2 Noted.
9. Reports from Committees and Meetings Attended: Report of Salisbury Court Community Panel meeting (Kaaren)
CAM Policing (Liz)
9.1 KH attended the meeting on 28 February 2020 regarding the let of community space to an appropriate organisation. The successful organisation would be selected by a panel including Kaaren representing the SCC. The successful organisation would be charged a much subsidised rent of £1,000 annually.
9.2 LL mentioned changes in responses to 999 and 111 calls and the introduction of CAM approaches. As time was short, Liz will explain at the next meeting about this in detail.
10. Planning and Licensing Applications: Kings Hall (Tim) 10.1 Kaaren mentioned about balancing with Queen's Hall appearance. Overall agreed to support application to remove low wall and railings.  
11. Any other Business 11.1 PM raised a concern about the Salisbury Hotel and their development covering the entire garden with a substantial decking and shed construction. Has been raised with planning enforcement.  
12. Date of next meeting Tuesday 14th April 2020, at 6.45pm