Minutes of meeting on Monday 13th May, 2019, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Present: Joan Carter (JC), Liz Logie (LL), Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Philip McDowell (PM), Bob Hodgart (BH), David Wood (DW), PC Neil Mackay, Cllr Alison Dickie, Renu Yadav

Also Present: Terry Levinthal (Cockburn Association), 3 members of the public.

  1. Welcome: A warm welcome note by TP

  2. Amendments to Previous MoM and matters arising:

    • Correction to Philip’s name spelling
    • Item 11: Astley Ainslie Community Trust should be referenced in the MoM and a link included on SCC website
    • Dumbiedykes dropped kerb and entrance to Park: An answer from the project officer received and part of the project held pending due to finances. Construction will start soon. Steve Burgess has promised to follow up.

  3. Police Report (Neil Mackay)

    • Serious assault on April 20th
    • Road safety: 40 mph speed reported in 20 mph speed limit area
    • Drummond Street issue: Knife point case, culprit identified and charged
    • Antisocial behaviour in Meadows identified during Easter holidays
    • Arrest for drugs activities in Meadows; police activities to be increased in area
    • How to identify culprits? - Joan’s concern. Mobile CCTV, local/youth help, extra patrolling near Meadows.
    • Stolen alcohol reportedly being sold to local shops
    • Discovery of £4000 worth of drugs (heroine) - Charged with supplying
    • Attended residents’ meeting at Drummond place

  4. Cockburn Association Benefits (Terry Levinthal)

    • Benefits of Cockburn association were discussed
    • ‘Watchdog’ for heritage and preservation of architecture and heritage.
    • Housing: Increase by 50% of rental value of houses from 2010 to 2018.
    • 75% of domestic properties are purchased by owners outside of Scotland.
    • The association acts as a network body for Civic Forum and membership subscription is £30 individually/ £40 in group annually.
    • David mentioned about planning in Princes Street; he will share a link.
    • All members agreed for the Southside Community Council to become members of the Cockburn Association.

  5. Public Issues: None raised

  6. Feedback from Alison Dickie

    • Bin issues, parking, drug issues, graffiti are some of the issues mentioned.
    • Student’s clean up initiative went well and should be linked with community council activities.
    • Regarding graffiti, public boxes, BT, etc, could be painted in different colours - suggestion by Liz
    • Joan raised a concern regarding Bernard Terrace Pedestrian crossing, still no information about the designer had been forthcoming

  7. Reports from Chair

    • Old infirmary workshop: Bob and Tim had attended a very positive consultation meeting run by UoE. Views had been sought on use of the new building. Space for community nursery and other facilities had been raised.
    • Any suggestion of public toilets being reopened? - asked Joan
    • The Causey AGM: Bob and Tim attended; committee was re-elected.

  8. Report from Treasurer:

    Not many transactions, only for RY (minutes)

  9. Reports from Meetings

    Communications Report May 2018

    Bus Shelter

    • Bus stop could not be moved to Nicolson square at least in the short term
    • No commitment on the provision of a shelter at the existing stop
    • Council also testing removal of bus shelter at South-Bridge--- update from Alison

    Notice Board

    • Proposed notice board on St. Patrick Square- agreed by everyone. Everyone agreed on consulting City Council on how to proceed with this

    Southside Association Meeting

    Fly Posting: City council isn’t taking the issue seriously and more pressure to be applied to be more proactive.

    • Remove fly postings but also contacting offenders
    • Refuse renewal of alcohol licenses of people indulging in these activities
    • Other Community Councils should be asked to sign the letter summarising the issue and being sent to City council—Suggestion by Joan
    • Bob raised a question if this could be done by Edinburgh Association of Community Councils
    • Philip will draft the letter and Tim will send to neighbouring Councils
    • Liz raised a concern on what is illegal, placing of the poster or the poster itself

    General Clean-Up

    • A pilot at St. Patrick Square, outcome questionable
    • Removal of tapes of posters causes wall paint to come off; council could provide a solvent to remove the posters
    • Time pressure to get it done before August Festival contracts start.
    • Bins update: 30th September 2019 last day for trade bins to be permanently on the street.
    • Meeting with Colin (Southside Assoc) on Friday- Tim

  10. Edinburgh Association of Community Council (Bob)

    • Meeting on 18th April, discussion of changes of Community Council Scheme
    • Auditing issues were not discussed which were on our agenda
    • Major change, formation of Neighbourhood Networks
    • Issue raised: Community Council declarations of interest- people should be more aware
    • More equality with City Councillors in terms of getting response is suggested
    • Community Councils will be asked to do more but limited resources; some administrative help is required from City
    • Council Official launch of Scheme is still being progressed

  11. Market Applications for St. Patrick & Nicolson Squares

    • Objections only received so far
    • Need to submit response by tomorrow- community members agreed.
    • Issue of impact of additional demand for public toilets and other community resources raised
    • David emailed comments to Tim about the positive benefits of well-managed food markets
    • Licencing record of the person who submitted the application was raised

  12. Management of Meadows

    • Joan is involved with FOMBL
    • Successful in getting money for Meadows. Volunteers are needed to support Meadows work
    • Pressure on council to commercialise in order to bring in more money
    • Major consultation had been considering strategic review of Meadows
    • Someone from council could be asked to give a talk- Suggestion by David
    • Home made barbecue advice posters welcomed

  13. Any other business

    • Work in East Crosscauseway postponed from March to August. Difficulties in delivering the medicines to side door of Boots pharmacy raised
    • Southside Newington Neighbourhood Network Meeting (20/5) will be attended by Tim
    • Clean-ups- no progress since last meeting

  14. Date of next meeting:

    10th June 2019