Minutes of meeting on Monday 10th June, 2019, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Present: Joan Carter (JC), Liz Logie (LL), Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Philip McDowell (PM), Bob Hodgart (BH), Stuart Tooley, Erica Manfroi, David Wood, Svetlana Repanova, Nick Oddy, Steve Burgess
Also Present: 2 members of the public

  1. Welcome:
    A warm welcome note by TP

  2. Waste and Recycling (Albert Street Prototype Project) by Erica

    • Discussed providing fully integrated recycling services and keeping bins together for easy disposal of garbage in their areas.
    • Replacing paper-based work with software for better data management
    • Streamlining collection routes - movable bins and parking issue needs to be considered
    • Overall consultation with people was positive and no negative response reported
    • Tim raised an issue of exploring logistics and city rollout
    • Focus is communal bin audit.
    • Trade waste abuse- How does enforcement happen?—Query raised by Joan, 2-3 cases have been taken forward, no guidance from Scottish Government so it’s challenging. Lack of resource is the main concern
    • Balance being explored of how many properties are being served and how many bins are required.
    • Ownership issue of communal bins was raised
    • Awareness about waste management?- Issue raised by Steven. Door to door campaign, poster on the back of the tenement door, lamp posts and lot of work needed on website
    • Cleaning of bins, repairs of existing bins and plastic bags contamination - Issues raised by Liz and suggestion of a separate bin for plastic bag collection
    • Philip raised a query of how frequently bin collection is done? Twice a week - recycling bins and 3 times a week- general waste

  3. Public Issues:
    None raised

  4. MoM of Last Meeting

    • Point 9: Fly posting: Tim contacted neighbouring CC’S regarding the issue. Old Town, Morningside, Tollcross came onboard and letter went to council and press. Waiting for response.
    • Point 11: Markets Applications at St Patrick Square/Nicolson Square: Objections submitted. Next meeting on 17th June Monday afternoon at 2.30 PM. Total of 5 applications in the city, 2 in our area.
    • Point 4: Cockburn Association: Did we join the association?- Query by Philip. Tim will chase up.
    • Joan followed up with Alison Dickie regarding the Zebra crossing progress and due to lack of resources the work is not moving forward. External designer discussed to take up the matter. Joan will follow up on this and express disappointment.
    • Point 7: Public toilet provision as part of Old Infirmary redevelopment by Edinburgh Uni is an option. Stuart will check again. Joan raised a query if notices will advise people of toilets’ existence.
    • General Clean Up: Attended by Liz and Joan

  5. Councillor’s Report

    • Steve reported on actions of City Council in response to climate emergency
    • No extra resources have been put in to work towards climate emergency
    • Scottish Govt proposed zero by 2045, in line with UK climate change committee
    • Climate change bill was discussed and amendments to the bill
    • Domestic energy use is 30% of emissions. Solar panels, heat pumps should be enabled by Council, including in conservation areas -suggestion by Philip
    • Energy for Edinburgh (company) has done little to date

  6. Reports from Chair

    • Encouragement of nominations for election to CC
    • Update from SE Locality Neighbourhood Network consultation meeting

  7. Reports from Treasurer

    • Minute secretary transactions for two months- £90
    • Balance- £1836.97
    • Signed account reported to CEC in order to secure funding for the next year
    • Financial vision- An average estimate of expenses- £1752.87 – for 2019/20

  8. Neighbourhood Network

    • Community planning process and how should we proceed
    • Held consultative meeting for Southside Newington ward and appointed a chair
    • Neighbourhood Network will work with Council on community planning. Neighbourhood Network invited to put forward a nominee
    • Tim was agreed to be nominated as Neighbourhood Network representative to Community Planning Partnership

  9. Report from Philip

    • Suggested a notice board and had been confirmed we have a notice board at St. Patrick Square garden
    • Joan suggested to have notice board exclusively for community council and David suggested the same. TP will follow up with Mike Shields

  10. Short Term Lets Consultation-
    Will be discussed over emails due to time constraint at meeting.

  11. Southside Association Report

    • Spotlight cinema will not reopen for at least a year
    • Fly posting: Out of Hand working over Festival period – detailed contract available online
    • Murals: New lighting has been installed - Good to have better lighting, but disappointing that it could not be installed before the murals were painted.

  12. Meadows to George St consultation

    • Cycling: Two ways cycle lanes together on one side of the road and why segregated?
    • Princes Street: Cyclists need to cross tram lines at 90 degree
    • George IV Bridge: Agreed with widening of pavement
    • Tim will develop response

  13. Any other business

    • Exhibition this Saturday 10 AM-5PM in National Museum, Transformation of the city
    • Invitation, Ramadaan Celebration, Northfield, Sunday 12PM-3PM

  14. Thank You Note
    from Tim to all the members of the council for doing excellent work in council meetings