Minutes of meeting on Tuesday 10th December 2019, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Present: Present: Joan Carter (JC), Liz Logie (LL), Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Philip McDowell (PM), Bob Hodgart (BH), Stuart Tooley, Svetlana Repanova, Kaaren Haughton, Nick Oddy, Stephen Benson, Daniel Fisher, Renu Yadav, Maggie Peatfield.

Also Present: 3 members of the public

  1. Welcome and Apologies:
    A warm welcome note by TP and apologies received from Rosheen, Caroline and David

  2. Public Issues:

    • Issue of safety because of homeless and beggars outside stores was raised
    • Airbnb council tax issues was raised

  3. Last 2 MoM Discussions

    • Corrections to attendance
    • Matters arising from 28th October- Planning applications raised would be scrutinised
    • Item 8: Correction related to council tax paid by owners, more clarification is needed on this matter
    • Environment meeting will send a report to Cllr Dickie regarding the council tax
    • Someone from council/ central govt. could be asked to attend the meeting regarding council tax.
    • Joan gave a clarification on business tax paid by registered small businesses and council tax paid by only renting out a room in the flat
    • Future agenda: Student council tax issue
    • Item 11: Single lane yellow line parking for disability drivers – has been captured in bus lane response
    • NHS Letters: there is no partnership between university and NHS re Health centre. Uni only let out space to NHS Lothian.
    • Joan raised concern regarding space allotted to NHS
    • Joan raised a concern regarding shortage due to change in NHS boundaries. Uni can have stronger provision of space. Stuart mentioned to check and come back with the update
    • General status of NHS letter- Consultation is finished and nothing further. Planning and Licensing
    • New Wing’s café issue was discussed – no objection to be raised.
    • Newington Pharmacy- Drawings have come up and most changes are internal. No objection
    • Zebra crossing: No action has been taken up (Joan clarified)
    • The idea of photoshop of Bernard terrace with Zebra crossing was proposed and Svetlana volunteered for photoshop.

  4. Councillor’s Report: NA

  5. Reports from Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

    Report from Treasurer
    • Donation towards Southside Assoc Christmas event- £100
    • Minute secretary payment- £90
    • Total fund- £2380.71
    • Proposed expenditure- Posters- £45 and image copyrights - £15

    Report from Chair
    • Tourism Strategy- 15 December is the new closing date because of fewer responses.
    • City plan 2030 strategic development plan- Meeting attended by Joan, Stephen, Liz and Tim. The consultation will start in 2020
    • Tim and Bob attended EACC AGM meeting. Featured analysis of the work of the councillor’s planning Local Review Body, the first line of review for appeals against council planning decisions
    • Cockburn Association Meeting and Edin Civic Forum- local interest/ planner/policy makers
    • SE Locality Community Planning Partnership meetings proposed during day so difficult to attend or only can attend if retired or similar
    • General Election Hustings: Last Monday- It was a huge success, almost all full. Local Residents’ participation is tremendous
    • Joan mentioned Tim was excellent moderator and Chairperson
    • Portobello Hustings discussion – how to grow future event
    • Proposed city centre network of community councils - Tim meeting on Saturday
    • Discussion around poster designed by Svetlana- Nice feedback regarding the design. Change in date and change in images i.e. traffic light, people, were suggested

  6. Reports from Committees/Meetings

    • Bus lane operational hours- attended by Liz and meeting was very popular. Aim of the meeting was to discuss increase of bus use and change of bus lane hours. Members who attended the meeting included Bus users, NHS Lothian. Outcome: Consultation closes on 22nd November. Conflicts on loading/unloading, Sunday parking, parking for disability, impact on air quality
    • Edinburgh University Community Engagement Meeting: People can express their views with University. Should set up an Agenda item for January or February meeting. Kaaren attended the meeting but no feedback yet.
    • Maggie thanked Stuart for CCTV installation at Potterrow
    • Kaaren and Joan- 8th Jan meeting, Miller Hill for recycling
    • 16th Jan- meeting of waste management group
    • Daniel Fisher (Charteris Centre) holds- 2 graffiti kits for community use
    • Philip holds the Community Council graffiti kit

  7. Licensing and Planning

    • Benedict’s Café- Have proposed an objection to the planning. Philip showed the Nicolson street Town Centre Guidance shop policy for reference. Council members are of the opinion to object because there are so many food outlets already. Focus on enhancement of street. Early closing establishments are generally not a problem for residents. Some members feel benefits to have more choices for food
    • Joan suggested for a survey confirming retail uses, numbers of food outlets. Decided would follow up on policies and flag up the issues

  8. Annual reviews of Meadows events

    • Do not want any Meadows events more than 15 days
    • Joan mentioned issue of abuse of public waste bins and more vehicles than permitted
    • Council review has been asked for these events as the Meadows is a public available space and should not be used for events
    • Kaaren raised concern regarding pollution from generators as well
    • Underbelly events are good, but they are too long
    • Differentiate between Fringe Funfair and Meadows Festival
    • Specific comments from everyone is encouraged by 16th Dec 2019

  9. Any other businesses

    • Bob: Marchmont and Meadows Bruntsfield appraisal document, concerns about Quartermile redevelopment. Permeability of site was mentioned by Philip. Time is very short to give feedback. Bob volunteered to comment on this
    • Child care arrangements to attend meetings. Flexibility of meeting time and public members could bring children. The idea of special care arrangements was also proposed. Tim will go back to resident who originally raised
    • At Bernard Terrace- recycle bins are back to back to one another and people must stand on the road to fill it up. This issue needs to be flagged up at Waste Management Forum

Date for next Meeting: 14th January 2020