Minutes of meeting on Monday April 8th 2019, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Present: Joan Carter (JC), Liz Logie (LL), Tim Pogson (TP, Chair), Philip McDowell (PM), Bob Hodgart (BH), Svetlana Rapanova

Also Present: Stuart Tooley (University of Edinburgh), 3 Public members

  1. Welcome:
    A warm welcome note by TP and apologies conveyed on behalf of Nick Oddy.

  2. Amendments to Previous MoM:
    • Point 8: 20 objections are required for householder applications to be referred to Planning Committee
    • Summerhall Issue: Need to organise the meeting with the community representatives, but no response received so far with respect to the contact
    • Adult education fees: 2 councillors raised the issue, Proposed fees for those on lowest incomes were not introduced

  3. Councillor’s Report: Not available, councillor not present in the meeting.

  4. Nextdoor Southside Introduction
    • Lyn Blackhall spoke about Non-profit website, Nextdoor Southside
    • Talked about promotion of help and benefits of it to the society
    • Explained about the website and basic workflows on the website
    • Awareness about recommendations given in various groups
    • Query raised by Tim- If it could be used as place for posting community issue? Possibly, but not a place for political issues.
    • Lyn confirmed No advertisement marketing on the website
    • Questions raised by Bob regarding posting of planning issues on the website to get feedback
    • Probably more appropriate for individuals rather than community council

  5. Report from Chair: None. Items covered elsewhere on agenda.

  6. Report from Treasurer
    • Last transaction for minute secretary salary: £90 (2 months)
    • Insurance policy renewal on 10th May 2019. Premium for next 12 months: £70.87
    • Any requirement of funds or new ideas, Svetlana should be updated for future vision expenses
    • Various suggestions from the team, Philip suggested newsletter, Liz suggested Wi-fi facility in the meeting hall (not a CC responsibility), David suggested colourful posters. Should be able to be met from existing budget.

  7. Meetings Attended: 2 meetings attended
    • Joint meeting of Newington/ Southside and Morningside Sub Committee and South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting attended by Joan
    • Very first meeting, 3 agenda items were discussed
    • Funding to Traditional music and song association (TMSA)

  8. Public Issues: None raised

  9. Communications Report
    • Nicolson square bus shelter issue was brought up by Philip.
    • Notices were put up near bus stop and 80 votes received
    • Voting suggested no shelter required
    • Suggestion to remove telephone box and place the shelter at Nicolson Square to allow for more space
    • Long gap between bus stops at St. Patrick Square
    • Phone box at Nicolson Square used primarily for advertisement
    • Suggestion by David: Council could get rid off telephone boxes and replace them strategically.
    • Official Graffiti clean-up day not organised yet
    • Stuart mentioned about a litter pick up work being organised by a university student on Friday (26th April) at Pleasance from 1 PM onwards. Different places were suggested for the clean-up for e.g. Meadows, Crags (Bike park), down to Holyrood Road, Brown Street, Drummond Street etc
    • Public and school groups can be part of it
    • Collaborate with the student to organise 1 or 2 clean ups a month - Idea suggested by Joan
    • A policy can be implemented (one day per year) for cleaning day- Suggestion by Stuart

  10. Meadows Meetings- Attended by Joan
    • Held every two months
    • Agenda focus is Planning projects and proper spending of money, commenting on meadows activities
    • In last meeting: Tree planting fund was discussed, will work with City tree teams on it
    • Basketball in Meadows proposal was discussed
    • Council considering strategic use of park
    • Concerns raised regarding lot of money being spent on management and commercialisation
    • Tree could be restored from Princes Street Scottish National Gallery fund —Suggestion by Liz
    • FoMBL promotion can be done on notice boards, online website, library etc

  11. Feedback Report- Astley Ainslie (Bob)
    • NHS to move out and the land can be preserved for park and wild life
    • Similarly to Bridgend Farmhouse - Local community facilities had been discussed
    • The future is very exciting and ambitious. See Astley Ainslie Community Trust website

  12. Licensing Applications
    • Superpub ‘Wetherspoons’ opposite to Nicolson Square
    • No planning objection made but licensing application has now come
    • No details mentioned in the application
    • Concerns were raised regarding noise during late night and in residential area
    • Closing time of 11PM was agreed
    • Content of license application was discussed

  13. Scheme of Community Councils
    • Auditing proposals modified by Philip. Tim will attach the draft made by Philip
    • Community council direct voice with planning- Suggestion by Tim
    • Support of admin responsibilities of different community councils throughout City - Suggestion by Bob
    • Supporting election advertisements- Publications, notice boards

  14. Any Other Business
    • Promotion of clean up event at Nicolson Square, 20th April 10 AM to 3 PM by The Friends of Nicolson Square
    • Causey Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 30th April, 7PM.
    • Cowan’s Close Depot- Liz will be pursuing
    • Agreed to invite Erica Manfroi from waste management team to present Albert Street prototype report - Idea suggested by Joan. Invite people from other relevant community councils.
    • Dumbiedykes dropped kerb issue not being progressed. Joan will be following up with councillors
    • Citizen Network: Developing a manifesto on city’s future. Bob discussed how city is changing and concerns about various aspects of city’s future.
    • Tim had emailed Cockburn Assoc. but no response received. Will follow up
    • Plastic bags discontinued in Oxfam charity shop
Next Meeting: 13th May 2019. Will check if AGM required, as elections will be held in autumn