Minutes of meeting on Monday, September 10th, 2018, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Present: Robert Hodgart(RH), Kaaren Haughton(KH), Liz Logie(LL), Tim Pogson(TP) Chair, Philip McDowell(PM).

Also present: Gavin Donoghue(GD), University of Edinburgh Head of External Affairs, Police Officer Sgt. David Cuthbert, Councillor Ian Perry and 2 members of the public, Laura Bird and Steve Cunningham.

Apologies: David Benyon(DB), Joan Carter(JC).

  1. Welcome: Everyone welcomed back following the summer recess, TP.

  2. Police Report. Operation Summer City, an increase of police resources during the Festival Period was deemed to be a success. Road safety: The public continue to have concerns about the ignoring of the 20 mph speed limit. The implementation of the Fife Community Speed Watch Pilot Scheme is under consideration. There has been a reduction of motor cycle theft. The law regarding alcohol is being enforced to reduce anti-social behaviour. Graffiti: No positive lines of inquiry on perpetrators at present. The reported storage of motor cycle in a local food outlet will be investigated.

  3. Minutes of June meeting, matters arising. Following the resignation of Deborah Charlesworth, TP will explore the possibility of employing someone to take over. Meantime, KH will deal with SCC email and LL will act as minutes secretary.

  4. Councillorís Report: Councillor Perry reported that Budget savings of £100 million were required over the next 4 years, to be decided by February 2019. He also indicated the right of property owners to object to inappropriate alterations to their property when a change of use has occurred. There is no date at present for the closure of the cleansing depot in Cowanís Close. PM requested further information about the A-Board ban and fly-posting restrictions.

  5. Reports:

    Chair: TP informed of a Deep clean and garden clean-up between the 25th and 27th October. TP also anticipates the speedy implementation of the zebra crossing at Bernard Terrace voted for by the public recently. He will meet with Colin Christison of the Southside Association for discussions.

    Communications report: the new SCC news letter will be distributed by the Royal Mail. A pop-up Bob (cardboard policeman) has been acquired on a temporary loan for the SCC. Suggestions for suitable sites welcome.

    Further inquiries will be made about speed display units (cost £1765.52)

    A vinyl map for display on a SCC stall at events will be obtained.

    Environmental Group: KH reported that SHRUB has relocated to Tollcross.

    Efforts to protect trees in the Meadows continues. KH praised the efficient manner in which the recent road improvements were implemented.

    LL reported on the meetings of the Friends of Nicolson Square (FONS) during the summer which aim to improve the appearance and increase appreciation of the garden.

  6. Planning Applications: Objections have been made to proposed changes of use and development at 3/5 Clerk Street and Simon Square respectively.

  7. Consultation on the Statement of Licensing Policy: Matter for consideration include the admission of 16 year olds, music, varied opening hours and extending opening hours. The increased littering outside licenced premises was also noted KH. TP is responding on these concerns.

    Streets for People Project Public Consultation. TP will attend the meeting on Thursday and will raise the lack of cycle path on George IV bridge for example.

  8. Graffiti Removal: The role of the SCC. The onus on removal of graffiti rests with the owner of the affected property. A suggestion by Sarah Burns that the SCC distribute removal kits was rejected as there is a lack of expertise of usage.

  9. Public questions: Laura Bird, on behalf of St Peterís Church in Lutton Place, requested the support of the SCC with proposed projects in application for funding. GD indicated the University could give small grants to community projects.

    GD informed the SCC of bike hire becoming available in Bristo Square from Monday 17th and the Universityís participation in the Open Doors initiative at the end of September. He also described work taking place on Middle Meadow Walk.

  10. AOB. The FOMBL representative to respond to the proposed Meadows Management Plan. Comments to KH please. Interest in the Civic Forum was expressed by RH.

  11. The next meeting will be held on October 8th 2018.