Minutes of meeting on Monday, October 8th, 2018, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Present: Joan Carter (JC), Robert Hodgart (RH), Kaaren Houghton (KH), Liz Logie (LL), Philip McDowell (PM), Tim Pogson (TP), Chair.

Apologies: David Benyon (DB), David Wood (DW)

Also present: Councillor Steve Burgess. 5 members of the public.

  1. Welcome: TP extended a warm welcome to Georgie Harris (GH) representative of the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA)

  2. Matters arising from Minutes of Previous Meeting: Speedy implementation of zebra crossing at Bernard Terrace anticipated.

    Possibility of paid minute taker will be explored by GH.

    A-board ban commences 5th November. More Environmental wardens to be employed to monitor compliance. Concerns remain about tables and chairs on pavements (KH).

  3. Reports: Chair (TP) Met with Colin Christison of the Southside Association (SA). PM will liaise with SA on behalf of SCC. Scheduling of meetings of SCC will be reviewed at the next AGM. Copy in appropriate SA members to SCC communications, Jo and Colin for planning, Hilary for environment.

    Secretary (KH) Preliminary consultation process re Community Councils will be held on 25th October 2019. TP will attend.

    Research into 20 mph speed limit to be carried out by University of Edinburgh.

  4. Committees: Communications (PM). 5000 copies of the new newsletter have been printed and distributed at a cost of £700.

    Pop-up Bob will be managed by PM.

    The cost of a speed sign would be £1,700. Permission awaited from Road Safety Team and 20 mph Project Team. Financial implications and management issues require consideration. St Leonardís street one likely site for placement. Decision to be taken at next meeting.

    Environment: JC, renewal of licence for Festival postings due.

    SA: PM reports, Nancy Jamieson, Senior Planning Officer attending SA, topic - Change of use, of shop premises to cafes etc. All welcome on November 6th.

    Christmas event on December 4th at 6pm in St Patrickís Square, with Moira Gibson switching on lights, musical accompaniment

    Causey Development Trust: JC for DW. The revised design for the Causey was approved in October by the CEC South East Locality Committee to proceed to a Scottish Government hearing process (standard procedure where there are unresolved objections on certain matters). Support from SCC has been appreciated. CDTs Doors Open Day event which closed West Crosscauseway to through traffic aimed to help re-imagine possibilities was well attended.

    City Mobility Plan 2030. One of several workshops to discuss means of achieving a fair, inspiring, healthy, smart and thriving city was held on October 2nd2018 (LL). People from many backgrounds took part and a Public Engagement Survey and Events are planned. Follow-up report to Committee expected in January.

  5. Councillorís Report: Confirmed Bernard Terrace zebra crossing will go ahead, not waiting for funding for Pelican Crossing. Alan Dunlop to report back.

    Capital Roads Programme: No change in monies allocation. SB to discuss with Sarah Burns.

    Southside Corridor Plan has been amended following June meeting. Feedback on next steps requested.

  6. Planning matters: Concern raised about internal conversions being performed in HMO without due process. SB will scrutinise local development plan for guidance. The proposed addition of an external flue at the property previously trading as Le Dermex has not been agreed to by the other residents of the building.

  7. Annual Parks Review: The Underbelly contract may be due for renewal. JC will liaise with Councillor Doran through FOMBL to continue to seek to limit usage of the Meadows site to 2 weeks.

  8. Three days of action: From October 25th-27th a comprehensive deep clean will take place between Rankeillor Street and Drummond Street, to include St Patrick Square and Nicolson Square Gardens. Gareth Thomas will co-ordinate. Volunteers form SCC, SA and FONS will be participating.

    RH reminded members of the new Planning Bill.

  9. Public Concerns: Failure of a utility company to make good a path at Hermitís Croft following work 5 weeks ago. SB will investigate.

AOB: Repairs to a damaged wall at New Johnís Place will start October 22nd 2018 (LL). PM noted a hedge on the Meadows has been burned, FOMBL aware. JC will seek confirmation from Margaret Graham that the lease for Nelson Hall has been signed. It was agreed that SCC would back the Charteris Centre.

Date of next Meeting: 12th November 2018.