Minutes of meeting on Monday, November 12th, 2018, 6:45pm

The Gray Room, Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 9QZ

Present: Joan Carter (JC) Kaaren Haughton (KH), Robert Hodgart (RH), Liz Logie (LL), Tim Pogson (TP) (Chair), David Wood (DW), Georgie Harris (GH), (EUSA).
Also present: Police Officers Neil McKay and Stuart Fraser.
  Gavin Donoghue (GD), University of Edinburgh Head of External Affairs.
  4 members of the public.
  Councillor Ian Perry.

  1. Welcome. Following the welcome by TP, a minutes’ reflection was held on the life and work of David Benyon, member of the SCC who died recently. Tributes were paid later in the meeting.

  2. Police Report Police Officer McKay reported successful prosecutions of those responsible for separate incidents of theft, violence and assault in the area. There had been a serious assault in The Doghouse pub, Clerk Street on 20th October and any information from the public would be welcome. (Incident 353 of 20th October). Arrests for the possession and supply of illegal drugs have continued citywide.

    There were fewer incidents reported during the period of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night following a higher police input at that time.

    Police officers participated in the recent 3 days of action in the Southside.

    Nicolson Square is monitored daily and anti-social behaviour there has reduced.

    Members of the public reported delayed responses to calls about drug activity and graffiti application. They were advised to persevere.

  3. Matters arising Councillor Burgess had indicated by email that the zebra crossing at Bernard Terrace would be in place in months. The search continues for a minutes secretary for the SCC. JC observed the A-board ban had been successful so far. Obstruction caused by bins, tables and chairs, trade waste bins to be reported to local councillors please. Capital Roads Programme – Sarah Burns is having meetings about this during November.

  4. Councillors Report: Street signs with graffiti would be taken down. Problems with refuse collections were acknowledged - a new system is in place. Any problems experienced with collections are best referred to local councillors.

    Abandoned bikes require a 2 week notice period before removal can take place, contact Derek Roden via e-mail, address on council website for necessary forms.

    The removal of 56 trees in the Princes Street Gardens and only 22 being replaced has caused public concern (LL). The National Gallery have offered to replace more.

    On the proposed closure of the Cowan’s Close depot, the recently reported council staff wages overpayment and the health risks of allowing feeding of pigeons in public spaces (LL), a response is awaited.

  5. Reports. Chair (TP). Most members of the SCC have attended a workshop to consider the City Mobility Plan. Public consultation to commence in January 2019. A city-wide insurance deal for Community Councils is being explored.

    Objection to ducts at the former Le Dermex property overruled. Further objections expected from other residents of tenement.

    Further tributes paid by SCC members to David Benyon recalled him as a wise, humorous, sensible and valuable contributor to the SCC. His work is greatly appreciated.

    Communications (PM). A vinyl map of the Southside has been obtained at a cost of £29.

    From Southside Association November Meeting: Nancy Jamieson and Laura Marshall from CEC held a session to describe Planning issues, Enforcement Powers and to answer any questions arising.

    To enable safe pedestrian crossing at the east end of Salisbury Road a change of light sequence was suggested for submission to Roads Capital Programme funding round. Community Council agreed to support.

    A Christmas event will be held in St Patrick’s Square on December 4th at 6pm followed by a party in Southside Centre. A contribution of £100 was granted by the SCC. (PM)

    Transport and Environment, Fly posting concerns to be discussed (JC).

    3 Days of action held in the Southside from 25th-27th October. This involved litter picking, graffiti removal, bulb planting and bin cleaning.

  6. Planning Applications. Work at the former Odeon cinema continues to make progress.

    Fracking. A request from Shieldhall and California CC to support a ban on fracking in Scotland was agreed unanimously and a contribution of £100 to the campaign supported (RH to liaise)

  7. Connecting our city/transforming our Places. No time scale in place for the implementation of proposed changes to improve air quality and establish a walkable city centre. Involvement of Community Councils is encouraged. TP to write welcoming proposals and seeking clarity on next steps.

  8. Provision of Recycling Facilities in the Southside. All aspects of recycling including distribution, usage and monitoring are causing concern. A proposal for communal waste management was submitted for consideration. A waste management meeting is due soon (JC).

  9. Any other business: Nelson Hall lease still not signed (JC).

    The damaged wall at New John’s Place has been repaired (LL).

Date of next meeting: January 14th 2019