Minutes of meeting on Monday 11 June 2018, 6.45 – 8.45pm

Gray Room, Nelson Hall, Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh, EH8 9QZ

Present: Tim Pogson (chair, TP), Philip McDowell (PMcD), Deborah Charlesworth (secretary, DC), Nick Oddy (NO), Joan Carter (JC), David Wood (DW), Robert Hodgart (RH), Svetlana Repanova (Treasurer, SR), Cllr. Alison Dickie, and 3 members of the public.
Apologies for absence from D Benyon, K Haughton, L Logie

Annual General Meeting


  1. Reports from office bearers
  2. Election of Office Bearers
  3. Date of next AGM – 10 June 2019
  4. The minutes of the last AGM were approved.
  5. Election of office bearers

Chair: Tim Pogson, nominated JC, seconded NO
Vice-chair: Joan Carter, nominated by PMcD, seconded by TP
Secretary: L Logie, nominated by JC, seconded by TP
Treasurer: S Repanova, nominated by TP, seconded by DW
Web master: P McDowell, nominated by JC, seconded by DW
Planning committee D Benyon: nominated by TP, seconded by PMcD
Environment committee lead Kaaren Haughton: nominated by TP, seconded by DW
Communications P McDowell, nominated by JC, seconded by TP

Regular Business Meeting

  1. Police report (PC Christopher Harris).
    Nicholson Square: minor assaults, bike stealing and general antisocial behaviour have been reduced. Street drinkers continue to be a problem. It is hoped that the toilets will reopen soon, and will be manned, and ideally an upgraded camera outside the toilets should be provided in the square. Carnegie Residents Action Group (CRAG) are working against anti-social behaviour. Police are also working against vandalism in Haddon’s Court. DW asked about enforcement of the 20 mph speed limit. Roads in other parts of the city have been targeted.
  2. The minutes of the meeting held on May 14th.
    JC requested a correction of item 3 (she did not volunteer).
    Matters arising
    • The data protection actions proposed by PMcD have been approved by the council
    • Nelson Hall management: JC has spoken to some local people and heard their concerns. She also met Margaret Graham’s son James, who will manage the building. JC will ask him to come to the September meeting. Cllr. Dickie has also heard of problems, and further discussions will occur about the lease at the education committee.
  3. Councillors report
    • Nicholson Square: Support workers (Street Work) will be there for 4 weeks, and a Friends Group will meet on June 12th at the Methodist church at 7pm (L Logie, our representative, cannot attend, but D Wood offered to attend and represent the SCC). The toilets will be inspected every 3 hours for cleanliness etc. Extra benches are being provided. The square is currently locked at night, but it is hoped that this can stop.
    • Cllr. Dickie also mentioned Carnegie Court, and graffiti at Haddon’s Court.
  4. Reports from Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
    • The Treasurer has prepared reports, and suggests spending on more regular newsletters, and storage for emails.
  5. Reports from Committees and meetings attended, including:
    EACC, 24th May (Bob Hodgart)
    • JC and KH went to the Waste and Cleansing forum and will circulate the minutes when available
    • PMcD showed a draft of an annual newsletter, intended to be distributed in early autumn
  6. Any Other Business
    • N Oddy outlined the preparations for a meeting on June 12th about the Southside corridor, which have been agreed with Hilary McDowell for the Southside Association.
    • RH reported on the Let there be Light campaign and EACC meeting, which discussed the new “Localities” arrangements. TP will attend a meeting on June 14th, and will also remind Cllr. Rose that he is to provide information.
  7. Planning Matters
    • The Newington Pharmacy have continued to ignore the planning enforcement notice.
  8. The Southside Planning Vision has not progressed, but 4 sections have been drafted, and TP will ask DB if he still hopes to work on the sections on transport and land use. It is planned to use it as a basis for SCC decisions, and could be displayed on the web site. TP will circulate a coordinated version, ideally for the September meeting.
  9. Public Question time
    • The bus stop that has been lost is essential for Queens’ Hall attendees and customers of the Grapes pub.
  10. Date for Next Meeting: September 10th 2018