Nicolson Street Bus Shelter

This bus shelter was recently taken away, and a notice has gone up saying:

Passenger Notification

Shelter replacement

The new bus shelter due to be installed here has been delayed due to technical issues.

We are currently looking at solutions to resolve this and we will install the new facility as soon as possible. We apologise for the delay.

If you have any queries, then please contact the Public Transport Team on 0131 469 3623.

Do you want a new shelter here? If so, What type would you like? We (The Southside Community Council) can't guarantee to have any influence at all on what gets put here, but we can lobby the City Council if enough people tell us what they want.

If we have one of the new shelters, like the big one over the road, there won't be enough room for people to get past. It's always very crowded here. One idea is to have a second bus stop - there are two for southbound buses - so the queue could be split in two.

What kind of shelter would you like to see here?
No shelter
Small shelter (old type)
Big shelter (new type)

Do you think there should be two bus stops?

The voting so far is:

Votes for no shelter = 17
Votes for small shelter = 2
Votes for big shelter = 5
Votes for one bus stop = 18
Votes for two bus stops = 6