Crime in the Southside

The Police tell us that there has been a great improvement in the crime situation in our area with the new regulations on New Psychoactive Substances. However, people are telling us about their concerns about inceasing levels of shoplifting which is threatening the viabilty of some stores, and evidence of illegal drug dealing.

What is your experience? Please let us know if you have experienced or witnessed crime, especially if you feel the response from the Police has been inadequate. The Police are always stretched, and have their own priorities, but if there are good reasons we can seek to influence those priorities to improve things in our area.

We have passed on concerns expressed to us to the Police, and their reply shows that they are keeping well on top of things, but if you have any evidence of crime please pass it on to the Police. Concerning drug dealing the local Community Police Officer said "If you witness any of this activity please feel free to contact the police to pass on this intelligence or it can be done anonymously via crimestoppers. I would encourage any concerned resident to contact police to report this activity. I will keep an overview on any intelligence submitted and should the intelligence picture allow, this would be acted on."

See the latest report from the Police.