Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

City Fibre are going to be working in the Southside area over the summer. This will cause a certain amount of disruption. Unfortunately very little detail about dates. The TTRO says:

The City of Edinburgh Council (St Leonard's Street Area) (Temporary Road Restriction and Traffic Regulation) Order 2022 - TEMP/22/92

The Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, the effect of which will be that for a temporary period, to facilitate CityFibre ducting works, no person shall: (a) drive or cause or permit to be driven any vehicle on sections of the roads described in Sch 1; & (b) except with the permission of a Parking Attendant, cause or permit any vehicle to wait or load onto or unload from any vehicle at any time on (i) Montague St; (ii) Parkside St; (iii) St Leonard's Lane; (iv) Clerk St; (v) Rankeillor St; (vi) St Leonard's Bank; & (vii) St Leonard's Hill, where prohibitions apply to both sides of the roads in their entirety unless otherwise stated. The Order will have effect from 23/5/22 to 18/11/22. SCHEDULE 1 ROAD CLOSURES: (i) Montague St, from Clerk St to St Leonard's St; (ii) Parkside St, in its entirety; & (iii) Rankeillor St, from Clerk St to St Leonard's St. The alternative route for vehicular traffic is via: (i) Montague St - Clerk St, South Clerk St, Bernard Ter & St Leonard's St; (ii) Parkside St - no diversion, access maintained; & (iii) Rankeillor St - Clerk St, South Clerk St, Bernard Ter & St Leonard's St. Existing restrictions may be suspended for the duration of this Order on any of the affected sections of roads described in (b).