The New Community Council

By the end of the nomination period, on 30th September 2019, 9 nominations had been received for membership of the Southside Community Council.

Those nominations are:

Caroline Barr
Stephen Rodger Benson
Joan Carter
Karen Haughton
Robert Hodgart
Claire Elizabeth Logie
Philip McDowell
Tim Pogson
Svetlana Repanova

Registered Local Interest Groups:

The Causey Development Trust
The Charteris Centre, representative Daniel Fisher
The Southside Association, representative Margaret Peatfield

The first meeting of the new community council will take place on Monday, 28th October, at 6:45 pm in the Gray Room, Nelson Hall, Spittalfield Cresc, EH8 9QZ.

This meeting will be chaired by Councillor Steve Burgess, returning officer, and the main business of the meeting will be to elect office bearers.